Saturday , June 25 2022

Tim WhatsApp clients have launched a long-awaited service


Support for Tim clients via WhatsApp

It will be Tim first launch operator customer service channel through popular service WhatsApp, popular instant messenger application. In the experimental phase, this feature is only available to consumers through TimPay.

The channel is in WhatsApp Available to registered and mobile customers. After the first stage the service will be implemented by others help systems, invoices, payment deadlines and other services.

This is TimPay for those who do not yet know a paying device that uses mobile phone-related telephony services.

Tim comes to WhatsApp with customer support

Tim's Strategy, Innovation and Consumer Experience makes it a great pleasure. Mario Di Mauro including some statements:Innovation is the basis of all the achievements of modern companies. From the moment of customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction, revenue development will be achieved by compromising costs and achieving growth in company performance. This initiative is a solid solution for TIM to offer simple and intuitive digital digital experience, which is the ultimate goal of a client. "

Whilst phone operators are not recognized by consumers as good service providers, it is possible to say that WhatsApp is a great success. That's the new solution for big companies WhatsApp Business API, will be the main platform for the experiment. We will update you if the support service is distributed to customers.

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