Friday , June 9 2023

Tonineelli was on the "Board", running on the TV before the children


Danilo Toninelli On the "board". Even the Minister of Transport has become a teacher to give Reuters a place where children need to ask current (not only) questions for prominent politicians or entertainers.

Then, he became known for his gaffar attacks, again attacking social media. "Toninelli has a conditional Oximor on a board," "But what did they do to get this punishment?" In recent days at home after complaining of the Tonineelli grill, she complained about making a compact job Genoa dl, yesterday he started testing in the classroom of the public service broadcaster. And he admits that he is "happy" when he enters the parliament and is appointed to the post. "When I'm studying, I do everything you do at school," explained the minister, along with the comedian Ubaldo Panti, after Lucas and Paolo, educated and mocked.

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