Tuesday , May 24 2022

Volkswagen Tarok Concept: Preview of the San Paolo Motor Show


Among the major sectorsBrazilian Economy, sector car it has become more important than ever before. National subsidiaries of the Directorate affirm it as industrial big player; and for the country in particular sensitive days (this is a pre-election period for accessing the history due to the massive flow of protest votes. Reflectors of the international supply chain they are directed San Paolo Auto ShowIt is scheduled for 18 November at the exhibition-conference center of Sao Paulo-EXPO.

Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles, the leading Brazilian sales team, made up 17.7% of the market in the first nine months of this year, excluding the firm's offer, with a new record of "Nissan Leaf zero release – a preview for the green gold market and Nissan Formula E is one-sided, as well as McLaren Senna Volkswagen (Another "big" mobility in Brazil), which is reflected in the Caesars Paulus Target concept, prototype choice to (the most appreciated of the local marketing segment of the marketing segment) sets out four-door interior and accurate research new style and equipment solutionsWolfsburg's leaders have drew attention to the "VW's responsible design" for unifying the elements of the style of "Sport Utility" Klaus Bishofoff.

More precisely, Concept of Volkswagen Tarok – Prototype ready for production: Volkswagen will appear on the straight line in the Brazilian market in 2019, without prejudice to certain elements of its significance and the concept of Salone di San Paolo; which, however, does not exclude the possibility of "exporting" in other countries – mentioning the space interior four doors and five seats. Note that for this purpose use versatility, Intelligent style solution: the system load zone change, which allows to extend the rear platform rack – with a standard design from 1,206 mm to 2,775 mm in length: the length of 1,861 mm, by joining the rear wall of the passenger compartment and the second chairs; the need to transport large quantities of longitudinal direction, the opening of the rear door provides a smooth "floor" of about three meters of the load.

This is news modulate The design of the new brand of Tarok Concept for Volkswagen technicians has been developed length Measuring less than five meters of vehicle – is aesthetically relevant: if the front of the car is upgraded to some of the elements in the "some way" with the current Wolfsburg SUV offer (in this case, the "Sport Utility" T-Roc and the recent T-Cross optical a group of horizontal luminous motors, as well as a double horizontal LED lens that connects the design of the lantern and design of the lanterns), as the offroad style blends with these collections and The separation between the two types of vehicles is evident vertical silver "Targa") and the lower part of the body, elegance.

The Volkswagen information is well-known on the basis of the "updated", as well interior location, high – tech equipment selection for innovative segments: digital equipment (Digital Cockpit) is integrated with the central screen for functional management informational and entertainmentalong one visual and operational axis.

Under the suction hose, The Volkswagen Tarok concept is equipped with proven equipment 1.4 TSI According to applicable Brazilian regulations, it comes with 150 HP, which can be powered by the system TotalFlex fuel, pure ethanol (E100) or a mixture of benzene and ethanol E22. Transmission, full drive 4Motion Volkswagen exclusive six-speed automatic transmission. In the next production version, VW Tarok is recommended turbo bumper 2.0 TDI 150 hp

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