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Volleyball, Novara club Italia, Casalmaggiore first

The friendly club Italy 3-2 (21-25, 22-25, 25-19, 25-10, 15-6)
"Massimo Bellano" won a good place in the Novara Square, accompanied by young Alesia Populini who won two and a half medals with Pietrini and Nwakalor in a renewed race for Italia Massimo Barbolini. soothes hair. The choice of the norm spaces only on the "second line", only Carlin and Charlierall pay, first of all, between the pitchers, Bicycles, Zannoney and Sfuffy are a great opportunity to doubt some hierarchy. On the other hand, Bellano's daughters show no fear, attack the game and drag them to one of the many players, covering the first two groups attacked by 85% of Alessia Populini, and then without difficulty, but without losing the compass, you can systematically jump around. A good start for Pietro (8 points in the second set) and a good start for Nwankalor, which shows anxiety, which opens the way for inaccuracies; on the other hand, with the Club Italia team on and off at 21 and 22 in half semi-Sunday. Barbolini decided that he would not be able to wait for a while, the first one was Stucius for Berry and Veljkovich, then Bartx Nietzecz, and finally Sansonna for Free Zannioni. Time to find a rhythmic match, and Egono and Veljković play for it, because Igor is getting more and more attacking the wall and defense. Egon warms his arm and scores 20 points in two and a half pieces of pure class, the central world champion – 71%, Pixini – seals him. There is no breakdown history, Novara has 5 to 0, then 10-3 to 15-6.
(Andrea Krippa)

Attacked by Caterina Bosetti (BOSIO)

Attacked by Caterina Bosetti (BOSIO)

home shooting at 3-0 (25-21, 25-19, 25-22)
The wind power against the scandal was clear: Pom Casalmaggiore uses the fourth (except a series of victories) and the calendar he has seen, except for Conegliano. Together with Filotrano – 3-0, without having to suffer too much. Through the Caterina Bosetti, he was very fast in the middle of the competition between physical teams and was among the middle heights of the entire A1 series. At the beginning of the coffer is very clean in glossy direction, and then gets a simplified measurement error under the pressure of Giulia Pisani and Vasilatonaki: 8-7. When Filottoo got two balls to equalize Kokoleu, he thinks he's on the wall (despite Poland's debut on A1, already above). In the first set of attacks (71%) almost Dark Rakhimov, who was partially shut down by Pom Casalmaggiore, goes on the stage, continuously pumping up to 19-12 (l'azera as well as ace). Bossi managed a knee seriously in March this year, slightly off the inertia for 25-21 (the major mistakes in the Di Iulio 23-20). In the second set, Filotrano was originally a good start to the match, but when Bosetti attacked and broke PalaRadi, we made 9-4 even in the balance. Pom turns, but does not surprise Filotrano, and Chiappini is forced to spend 13-6 a second with a strong resistance. My Bertrolo turns the far corner of the steppes to a new angle that keeps Pum, even though the accelerator never stops at a constant distance from the pit. Rakhimova's quick hit is "calling" Whitney's mistake 25-19. Philotrant raises at least the third place and at least assumes the third set, but Vasilatanka's misdiagnosis and subsequent Whitney attack make it possible to share 9th. Despite the failure of Larindy Casalmaggiore, there is only Cogliandro (a beautiful technical gesture), and then Pom Rakhimova's cold and Bozetti I have keys to cover the door (Tomina has some severe errors). In any case, you go to a point near the point: 21-19 years, the pink solo of Bosethtius is the most happy note of the evening.

(Giovanni Gardani)

At Bessia 2-3 (25-15, 25-27, 22-25, 25-18, 12-25)
The first cadet defender goes to Bosca Cuneo to meet Villard Millarium's fifth assault (15-12) at Montgomery's Palagorje Palace and win the second season's win, and the home owner is in the mouth for a bitter Fourth Success. And the first is Valbabina Brescia's first flight. Di Iulio acsi, which breaks the original balance (6-4), while Nikoletti and Minicuum (11-7) increase the gap. Cuneo looks amazing, but the mistake of getting homeowners loses 13-8 to 13-12. Valbabina immediately quit the oval and partially fuses to 10-1, which provides security (23-14). Nicoletti backs the Brescia team to the first set and completes the attack by Piedmonte Kaczmar (25-15). The difference in the second part of the first set is also felt in the other. Owners of the house almost took the fourth place and escaped to the 7th place and could not collect one of the soil together with Piedmont. The Piedmont Technical Officer changes the first bikini (Kaczmar for Bosio) and then substitutes the group (Salov for Markovic) and the team moves from 10-2 to 13-12. Villani, and especially Rivera, keep an alarm (17-13), but after Van Hecke's fires and fires, and much of Brescia's mistakes, much of Brescia's team brings parity and then forward (19-21). The last opponent: Cuneo does not pick up the ball and does the same thing as Salas (25-27) attackers. Of course, working with the Dutch team and Menghi, partly to find the 4-0 break at the third (21-23), and always win Van Heck (22-25) and his team 2-1. Valbabina does not lose heart and runs at the fourth set (5-0) with thousands of people, Cuneo (8-6), then flies away (14-8) and can not be reached. The fifth set was balanced by the fact that when forced to go to the opponents with the Valsabbina team, it was forced to give up to 15-12 at the end of a long and handsome strike from the second line of Vruza.

(Biancamaria Messineo)

Florence-Montague 3-2 (20-25, 24-26, 32-30, 25-15, 15-12)
Sensational and a great return, Bisonte Firenze won Saugella Monza's longest running battle and won the prize-winning places. The pawnshop slipped into such a convenient way that it was a 3-0 win. Interestingly, with some tactical settlements, Gianni Caprara plays "Il Bison" and plays another game. Luiza Lippman has 30 points from 68 assaults. Alberti (12 points 4th wall) and Daly Santana (11 points), who changed the competition, also put in third place the game. Florentine Marica Bianchi (19 points) was greatly surprised by the two saves in Savelia, and then lowered for insufficient support from the team that had several errors. The absence of a stigma, apparently, was uncertain at the Benson's hood in Hancock. In fact, Falcon is in the center of the middle line with Martina Balboni; Center at Adams and Mellenry, Bianchini and Orthmann. Bison began with Dijka in Riga, crushed against Lippmann, the central Alberta and Popovic, Sorokaiet and Gradić. Santa's physical state is absolutely unacceptable. In the first set is a single gameplay of the game. Saugella is still in the game, with the exception of 10 short tie. This interval is at the most delicate moment or over 20. Degrady (50%) and Bianchi (55%) and Ortolani have 5 points. Small wall interventions on both sides. In Finland, the face of the competition disappeared in the second: it is concentrated in Florence, and Monza condemns contamination during simple intervention. Florence is a good protector, but slowly Falasca finds the balance and continuity of the attack and reduces the delay (16-14). It stops, Il Bisonte starts at 19-15 and flies off. Now, a brave battle: Mona equaled two-year-old Bianchini at the age of 19. Caprara had to ask for time. The comparison continues. Florence has a ball with 24-23, but refuses Bianchi. Advantages of wall mounting, video surveillance. In the case of Socjell, the score was 0-2. Adams and Lipmann 7 points, Bianchi 5. Mona has enthusiasm and confidence, Florence collects energy to win the race. In the third fractions, Vison (9-8), with the advantage of the guests (3-6), 7, goes to the other parity 14. Long playing Hancock. Random point, various substitutions: The state of the second set is repeated. The advantage of Florence is 24-23, and Ortolani has been eliminated. Popovic has the advantage, Ortolani again refuses. Lipmann replicated 26-25 meditatively. Lipman flies to Florence by 27 years, dropping Bianchi, and then misses the line. Centered equal. Orthmann won the first match, Orthmann failed to finish the attack. We are 29-30. Santana returned to Florence, where Ortolani attacked, and Florence ended the battle. Nine points are Ortolani, 7 from Lippmann. The Fourth Set: The race is over. There is a rally in Florence, 15-9, which will not have a strong impact on Monza. When the break is between 21st and 13th. Dali Santana is the end point that determines him. At 6 points Lippmann (55%), Santana 5, Orthmann 4. 5-0. Significant parity, high threshold (68% -33%). The decisive "fifteen", nearer points, the advantage of changing Saulgulla field, then 7-10. It will have a sense, but parit within a few minutes (10-10). Sorokaiit understands, Santana doubles. And he is interested in Falcon. Lipmann (MVP) signs the crucial point.

(Alberto Paoli).

The Bergamo attack does not go away

The Bergamo attack does not go away

Coniano-Bergamo 3-0 (25-14, 25-16, 25-20)
Imeco Conegliano is all easy for Zanetti Bergamo and it's all hard. The practice lasts for one hour, puts the orbicina on the last place after 5 races (with respect to the top teams) and Veneto with 3 zeros and zero lost sets after 3 games. Sanarelli has been using Nagaoka for Fabris to manage the turnover, especially with extreme poisonous service (left and full effect), especially for guests. Bernie's discrimination, Sirresi, can not find a solution to the panthers technical advantage, if not temporarily. 1 set – the former Silla, Bergamo's Limo point, thanks to Mingari's up to 6-6; The two walls of the Daniyesi come to the break of the "Imoco". Minggaard (11-8) twice answered with a score of 5-0. Then Sylla, Hill, De Kruijf and Nagaoka still take a long yellow block of solos. Bergamo leaves Congliano in the most comfortable reception (91%). September 2 – Guests try the Olivotto, Courtney and Sylla mistakes (2-4). But Conegliano strongly admits: partly bringing the hands of 8-1 Hill, Sylla and Fabry. Bergamo gives us jugs and good will, but very important technical breakdown: the imoco does not last for 18-10 years; Bergamo finally concludes a break with Mingardi and the new entrances to Logan (20-15). Two points of Nagaoka and Moreto bitter (seasonal debut for the plant) quickly cover accounts. 3 set – 3-2 is an interesting and unprecedented reception of Silla's breast by Fred's initiative; Cortney and Olivotto hold Bergamo in the air and send 1-6 between 1-13-14-14. The competition will be resuscitated, and will combine some breaks and discounts on the hostess, particularly in the tents; Activate the satellites that run until the end of the Lot. But the panthers are not too scary, the change in the ball remains stable, and the race is supposedly closed. Monica de Gennaro's 200 shirts in the yellow shirts began every three days for the "Imoko": the next Sunday on Sunday, two Sunday afternoon, Kerry and Philotrano were the longest, the next two mountaineering housewives' circle did not oppose the Supercup, the Scandinavian champions and Novara's recovery. Bourgogne, who claims to have lowered Siraci's disqualification, scores a goal against Brescia, Cuneo, Philottrano, Chieri, and the Club against Italy.

(Mirko Cavallin)


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