Tuesday , January 31 2023

"Waste residues classified as a car room". Thus, the NGO has saved 460 thousand euro


24 suspects were involved in the investigation into the prosecutor's office in Catania hazardous waste downloaded Og "knew" about the dangers of clothing in Italian ports migrants. Hazardous wastes, which must be "separated" with solid urban waste, and should be treated in a different way, as a source of viruses and pathogens during travel, as well as other substances from the SAR report for rescue of urea health, HIV, tuberculosis, meningitis such as in cases of frequent respiratory illnesses.

The investigation lasted from January 2017 until May 2018 and included two vessels Vos Prudence and Aquarius. According to surgeons, the presence of hazardous hazardous medical waste has not been reported in the presence of numerous and documented cases of illness registered at various healthcare offices in the Sicilian Tengiz. while the migrants from South Italy were involved. " Numbers (and diseases) are not clever. "Power of attorney: 5,888 health states were registered in 21,326 migrants during infectious diseases (acne, meningitis, tuberculosis, AIDS and syphilis)." Not a bit. There are several cases of infection registered in the planting operations: from scabies to HIV, such as respiratory tract infections such as tuberculosis and meningitis.

Distributed by the prosecutor's office and recorded by the Guardia di Finanza show phases of release from the port and some printing. As reportedAdnkronos, which resulted in an operation Borderless After removing the Aquarius vessel, the Inland Doctors without Borders appear, "Any other abandonment in the clinic has been presented with all normal waste." We also talked about the migratory pull out of the phone while the phone was being searched and the investigated intermediate agent said, "We call them special machine waste, just like car wash cloths."

According to investigators, misuse of garbage from the Mediterranean (24 thousand kg in total) is "equal to the sum of the non-cash benefits of non-governmental organizations 460 thousand euros«.

"Survey began with the monitoring of offshore traffic and led the Augusta port, and in particular, trilateral agreements with suspicious commercial relations, and waste disposal companies. Og"said Francesco Ruiz, Colonel Francesco Ruiz, Commander of Economic and Financial Police of Catania, who personally investigated:" We have documented about forty landings. And they come out – these are some of the things that are not specifically for wastes, because they have syringes, blood, dirt, and people who are sick with diseases. "

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