Tuesday , January 31 2023

Xiaomi's official, online store opens in Italy: all news and discounts for customers


A few days ago, Xiaomi unexpectedly announced the discovery Italian online shop. Originally a Chinese company used it your official Italian Instagram page several information is then circulated and then clarified through an official statement.

Xiaomi Italy, According to a user's request from Instagram's corresponding function, he spied a few days forecasting: Xiaomi is pleased to announce that Italian fans can buy products for the store Mi.com. The arrival of Mi.com shows the company's commitment to the Italian market and its commitment to Mi Fan.

The products you can find in the brand shops are the same: smartphones, sockets, electric scooters and various accessories. No information has been provided about this, however we will not be able to buy products for the Chinese market in the future: TVs, robotic vacuum cleaners, home automation equipment, computers.

In the third quarter of 2018, Xiaomi ranked fourth in terms of sales in the Italian market, at least according to Canalys. The result is that the company is "surprising", especially given the fact that the Chinese took part in only six months officially in our market. Also, thanks to the official launch of Mi.com, Xiaomi customers can easily and easily buy products, and benefit from post-sale guarantees and round-the-clock support.

To celebrate the launch of their platform e Black Friday and Cyber ​​are announcing their promotional campaigns and discounts on Xiaomi as well as Mi Fan for their two most enjoyable shopping days this Monday, which will be available at Mi.com on 23-26th of May. carry out its activities.

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