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Does the "Fallout 76" have an interest in "Online likeness"? BE.T.A Play Lepo is interested in multiplayer 【Special】 (Game Spark) – Yahoo! News


Bethesda Softworks's latest Fallout 76 series was sold on November 15. It was the first online title of the series, and I think the fans have a sense of expectation and anxiety. B.T. (beta-test), this article describes the "online affinity" of the Fallout 76 and delivers the skill of this work.

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※ This article is based on version of the computer version.

◆ No NPC and few player players

Let's start with the points that take care of you as the first word. The NPC does not exist in this work, focusing from the past information cycle, especially the issue that I am discussing. I was one of the worst people in the past as a player. Of course, even if we come to the city, there are no other guys out there. Even if there is a dead body. "Fallout 76" is a "recovery" to remember here. The Apalachian settled down as a deserted land and left a living trace.

In this regard, players are deemed to act as players responsible for the restoration of players in the "lost world". Aside from the "Fallout" appeal, we were able to taste the strongest "Fallout" with a new feature called the multiplayer.

◆ Travel with friends

When you finish the game, the game begins with the room "Vault 76", but with a different atmosphere. I can listen English somewhere. By default, the internal voice chat option has been added. If this is a mistake. Of course, this is a useful feature that can be communicated with team commands and other people. It also provides a gesture that can be verified by the attachment. From scarce to non-targeted items, including those that add new elements to atomic workshops, it's also a unique essay on the net.

When you finish making your marks and leaving your room, other players are already swinging. I started exploring "online simplicity" with my friends so I decided to act together at that time. At Fallout 76, you can invite your friends to the team from the social function and you can create a team from there. On the other hand, those who are walking may be invited to come closer. Membership members are different on the card screen and may also benefit from a variety of factors, such as those in the park, that they can share in accordance with the value "CHARISMA" in "S.P.E.C.I.A.L."

Then, exit the warehouse by main quest. The true sense of the game is the same as the Fallout 4, but because it is a companion, it's fun, along the bypass, bypass and play. Sometimes we play with other players, put in action, sometimes attack and turn into PvP, but it's also fun. If you hit the battle, you can update it if you have a team, but these items are unique online. Even when you wait while you wait, you can be sure that you have a small cap and rubbish that you have.

By the way, PvP is exempt from level 5. When attacking Stranger (default), the damage is reduced and the attacked side is triggered by system fights. The "regime of pacifism" has modes that do not harm other people, so you can play more peacefully with it.

◆ Salvation, Craft, Barter! – Role playing is also bright

In this work, the parameters of "thirst" and "hunger", which are elements of the traditional mode of survival, have not changed. "Nutrition" and "drinking" are important, besides restoring battles, and you should necessarily buy food and drinks. This drinks work can make dirty water (but it does not have a slight effect on the radiation), even after boiling it can be safely drank. It is very difficult to say that it works. Foods also use meat and vegetable animals to beat animals, but if the prescription needed for cooking is needed, often the meat and the plants are rotten.

There is an opportunity to replace them. Gestures also require something special, so you can offer it even though you are not friends, so you can easily do it. If you meet the interests, there are no claims, but you can also do it with a lid, so you can work as a one-sided business. Playing the role of water sale, vegetables and the mower with the advantage of this is another way to enjoy it.

As for the role play, this may require a craft park. Because online, it's really the use of the weaponry and weapon you are using, the repair is often needed, and the real snow for pirates. He also serves as Otsuku and other trainer who serves as a specialized cartoon character.

AA Developed a "supervisor".
Of course, if you need equipment for cooking, you will need C.A.M.P. or place it in the city. As in the previous work, only one of these techniques can be used, so here too is a little creative and interesting as a descendant of taste.

How did it happen? "Fallout 76" is useful for those who suffered from "multiple players" in this article, and I think that the first online candidate in the series – states that are waiting for and worried (apart from the BETA testers).

Although it is far from liberating, Fallout 76 is BETT. until the end of the period. I was able to play this complaint in limited time, but I think there are many attractions in the "online only" that do not fit this article. I found this fun! If you are interested, send it to the comments section.

"Fallout 76" will be released on November 15 for PS4 / Xbox One / PC.

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