Wednesday , December 8 2021

Hiroyuki Kitamura, Chairperson, Concerned about Rare Physical and Social Concerns – Sport – SANSPO.COM (Sansupo)


Announces a holiday in a rare village = Tagokunura room in Onoko, Fukuoka prefecture (photographed by Toshihiro Hayashi)

Rare village, which proclaimed holiday = Tagokunoura in Ouko City Hall, Fukuoka Prefecture (photo, Toshihiro Hayashi) – Extension】

The Advisory Body of the Sumo Association of Japan reported that the Chairman of the Commission for Yokohama (Yokoman) Katumura Masatoshi (Bassi Shimbun's Honorary Advisor) was shut down on Friday, June 15, from the fifth day of the Grand Prix in Kyushu, Sumo. Sato (32) = The real name of Hiroshi Hagivara, from Ibaraki Prefecture, Tashiko Nozura = worries about the current situation.

"Are we afraid of the forces and strength that we have for Yokosuna to restore a long-term unsatisfactory force?" It should also be noted that the successors who have held the 26th meeting can make a decision with three motivations, attention, and retirement offer.

Rare village is Afghanistan's main pectoral muscle in the same segment and is also covered in 8 Nagoya in July. In addition to the right knee injury, young people also grew. The place to begin in January next year is expected to climb and climb forward, a tough fight is expected. According to Mr. Yokouza, Shibat Yamayichi, Public Relations Officer (formerly Yokosuna Okunokuni), who has been defeated three times since the first day, said: "I think it will inspire you once again, but I'm telling you (partly closed).

Day 5 The result of the day is up to 6 forces

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