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"If you win the G2 Esports …" June 8, short interview G2 Esports Pengu – Rainbow Six Siege special site


Release date: 2018-11-19 22: 05: 00

The 8th season of the professional league of Rainbow Six Siege, which runs from 17 to 18 November 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The main competition will be the World Championships, which will be attended by the first two teams of the professional league in Europe, Latin America, North America, the APAS, the 8th June World Championship, and the Nara Association from Japan. The match with Rugalom, which fought in the 7th quarter, won 2-1. Although he was a revenge for Rogue, the semi-final FaZe clan did not interfere with each other in the team and lost 2-0. However, this is the first time I took the best of APAS.

The final of the 8th season was Faiza Clan against G2 Esports, which was recognized as the strongest. In my opinion, Faye's Clan rebuilds the resurrection, boosts Brazil, and breaks the G2 Espors, breaking the name of the world's strongest G2 Esports and winning 2-0 G 2 Esports. Six International International 2018, after six Paris Paris, it also won the league of the Pro League 8.

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▲ G2 Esports won the Brazilian FaZe Clan and won the winner. "Live or reinforce" — "I can not imagine tactics to overcome G2 Esports," he said. "This game is a team that will win the G2 Esports." The professional league is enough to handle ESL.

After that, we will get an interview with the G2 Esports Pengu player. How did the world's famous ping-pong players see the Nara battles? In addition, I also had a "question" like winning the G2 Esports team.

The other side was afraid of G2, and we were stronger


– The last game of the Feys Clan game has come up with a long game to go to the 3rd card, but actually G2 Esports is still good. The second card is a victory, but how can it be fought and struggled?

PingusIt was not so easy to walk around. Of course, the coastline on the second map is straightforward, because it is credible, but the first card banks suffered. The team pair worked fine, because one could play one by one,To be honest, I thought it was very scary and not easy.

– He was baptized in the 7th finale, six in Paris. Especially when it was celebrated in the United States on June 7, it surprised the Brazilian team's support, and in fact, the G2 Espot Team Liquid lost its explosive power. I think this time I felt a tragedy, but I seemed to have gone farther.

PingusI am confident in June 7 and this year's sixth year, and I am more confident than ever. Also, I seem to be scared of our opponents, and I think we can use the scared one on the other. In my opinion, the second side is that we are afraid of G2 Esports and I think it was stronger for us.


At the local level, it's not possible to see the tactics of overcoming the G2 Esports. If you're not a G2 Esports player, how do you think G2 Esports will kill you?

PingusIn my opinion, if you are a psychic, I think it's useless. Play your own game more than anything else. In the semi-final Faiza clan game, if the Nara community plays the game they want, it's probably the third
But I think it brings. I think Evil Geniuses, Team Secret and Nara are the best teams.

– Tell us about your impressions of the Nara game this time.

PingusIn the past three tournaments, I have a priority with the Nara community. Also, I played at the RAGE tournament. When I saw this achievement, I started to be the top 5 in the world and the six best teams in the world.

– Finally, send a message to the Japanese fan club.

PingusThat is, I lived with RAGE in Japan, but I got a very smart and valuable experience. Japan has a great fan base. The Nara Association has played this game on its own. I think Vokka is a sophisticated player. Thanks!

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