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Peaceful loss can be solved peacefully. 1 million jpy tips per year


Tips on saving 1 million yen in one year

    If you have no money and have zero savings, you want to save up to 1 million yen. It also describes how to save 1 million yen in a year, how to manage households and how to save a depositor after reaching 1 million yen.

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Goal – Save 1 million yen!

If you have no savings, let's try to save 1 million yen first. If you can save 1 million jpy, you can solve the costs associated with Jesus, illness, injury and sudden festive events.

You need to save 1 million yen, so you do not have to worry about changing your job, getting married or giving birth. You will become a strong ally in expanding your choices and living freely.

The key to saving 1 million yen is "automatically accumulated"

The fastest way to save 1 million yen is to save money automatically. If the company has a system, it can save up to 1 million yen as it is difficult to recover the savings using the system of property savings.

If your company does not have a savings system, make a monthly savings bank account that saves you a fixed amount from your bank account. You can save on a monthly basis in the calculator automatically.

How much money can you save per month to save 1 million yen?

In order to save 1 million yen in one year, the amount of money in the picture is the instruction. If you want to do so in 12 months, you can save up to 84,000 jpy monthly, but if you're able to save on bonus, you can reach 1 million jpy for 50,000 yen per month.

In order to achieve 1 million yen revenues per year, it is important to change the mindset of consumer and household budget. Yasikhiko Fukano, a financial planner, explains the idea of ​​luck as "leaving his beauty and working with his family."

How do you make a living from your daily household?

Another important question about how to earn money from everyday households is to work with full power from the outset.

For example, you can review every item as shown in the picture.

If you can not get out of the "1 million yen wall" …

Some people may not be able to overcome the 1 million yen. Then you can use the idea "1 million yen in 3 years".

Half a year since the start: ¥ 10,000 x 6 months = ¥ 60,000
· From 1 year to 1 year 20000 jpy x 6 months = 120,000 jpy … 180,000 jpy year
· 30,000 yen in the second year 12 months = 360,000 jpy … 540,000 jpy in two years
3rd Third Year 40 000 jpy 12 months = 480,000 jpy … 3 years 1 200 000 jpy

And many more … Let's not be late.

If you save 1 million yen, we will pay 2 million yen and next year we will charge 3 million yen

If you can save 1 million yen, think about how to save it. Online deposits can be deposits with high interest rates.

True, after saving 1 million yen, there is a wall up to 2 million yen. Those who can not save up to 2 million Yen will need to reconsider their household budget, check for current consumption trends, and how to save and save money.

If it exceeds the $ 2m, we recommend that you charge up to 3 million yen and the next 5 million yen. After saving up to 3 million jpy, you will be able to resist your investment.

Sine Avenue is one step further. While your kit is now 0 yen, why not set a target of 1 million yen today?
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