Thursday , October 21 2021

Softbank allocates $ 3 billion to Bloomberg in the United States


Softbank Group plans to continue investing in Weework.

Wework and Softbank have pledged an equivalent of $ 3 billion (about 340 billion yen). The weekly work was explained in the interpretation of settlements for July-September (third quarter). Softbank will receive $ 3 billion in purchase of shares until September 2019. Pay off. However, this will depend on the listing and sale of up to $ 1 billion over the weekly working day. Regardless of its location, the company estimates that the deal is over $ 42 billion.

SOFTBANK is the largest investor in WieWork, which holds the stock in 2010. In August, Wee transferred over $ 1bn in circulation through SOFTBANK. Got the dollarPurchased. This warranty does not affect the convertible bonds of SOFTBANK except for the "Vision Fund". Softbank last year raised about $ 4.4 billionWe spent $ 20 billion in the final round of funding. However, Softbank's managers have raised $ 35 billion in June this year.Specified.

Title:SoftBank distributes $ 3 billion to WeWork (extract)

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