Friday , September 24 2021

Top Officials of the Governing Body, TBS News Policy Brief on Refugee Immigration Policy

Members of the Government have approved the draft amendments to immigration refugee legislation during a period of time

LDP and Kepler's Liberal Democratic Party have reaffirmed the policy of establishing legislation and others to expand the acceptance of foreign workers in the next 10 month session.

"We have submitted draft laws, including the" Immigration Control Act "(Hiroyuki Moryma, Chairman of Japan)

The purpose of the bill on the draft law on amendments to the law on immigration on immigrants aimed at expanding foreign workers' involvement with the new prime minister, Mr. Abe, was chaired by the "Moria Diet" of the Liberal Democratic Party "New Committee" at the plenary session of the House of Representatives on discussing the draft law on the Legal Affairs Committee after confirming the policy.

Debt disputes begin before the end of the next month and the deadline is extended, but the Chairperson of the Moryam said, "We must strive to draft a bill only in time, as doing so is not easy."

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