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[종합] "Paek Chong Won, the Baek Jong-won & # 39; s Alley Restaurant, eventually dropped off. The son of the house, "Am I fun?"


[매일경제 스타투데이 이누리 객원기자]

Bayek Yong won the Alley restaurant, Baeij Yong won the victory.

On May 21, the SBS entertainment program "Baek Jong-won & # 39; s Alley Restaurant" was depicted on the banner of Hong-En-Dong on the banished city market, featuring Baek Jong Wonda, his son and son.

On this day, Beyek Chong won: "My son fired once a day and shot nine times a day." However, the son said, "I've made chicken for 30 times."

Bayek Jong Wont said to his son, "Well, I try to make a chicken once." My son looked chill-free and did not get proper intestines. Baek Jong Won: "If you officially slaughter the chicken, what do you do? I had to study the chickens. "

Then, Baeij Yong – supervised the process of feeding his son. My son did not know the location of the ingredients like ginger and garlic, so I managed to plan Baek Jong Wonte. Baek Yong Wong, who was stuck in his stubborn fingers, was killed.

Bayek Yong Wonta asked the son who made the chicken rice sauce: "These are the few." When Baeij Jong-Wong was sitting, he asked, "Do you think I'm the one to eat?" I'm not fooled anymore.

Baek Jong Won told his son, who was cleaning the ingredients near the chicken machine, "How can a cooking person do it? If you do this for a week, you do not know that there is a copper line and you know nothing. «

Baek Yong-von was angry with the child's attitude, making the winner uncomfortable: "Even if I fool the crew, I am not fake, am I still laughing?" Baek Jong-Won also speaks about the post-air difficulties and says, "Do not do this. There is no sincere people to eat. "

Baek Yong defeats "When I died, I died. I can not do that. I can not finish it well, "he said. Are you sitting in the counter and trying to count your money? Life is not so good, "she said to her son.

Then, Baeiq Jong Wont says, "Do you want to do this? I give my mom one more chance.

The long-haired son said "do not do it" and goes out of the microphone. After his son, his mother bought a chicken in a slaughterhouse.

His mother, who did not keep silent for his son, said: "Take the chicken once. The boy cut the chicken and started training.

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