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[촬영후기]Ataevon I made a hanboc and found foreign friends! (Video)


The conflict between King Yu Jong and Koto

Even though I was still scratching, I went to the island of Hotan to take Hankock. I was astonished because I thought about walking in the Khanbok, which had not been ventilated by Ataevon.

Today's mission! Find foreign friends at Itaewon! But this is not a mission that can easily be found by friends. Sing to karaoke to win points!

(Photo = Snaptime YouTube Capture)

That task was not easy.

I was studying abroad and thought it was a good mission … This was Osan. There are not many people who help the mission.

When I first spoke to me, I responded to the conversation easily, but the karaoke mission was very difficult. Mambang came five times in a row. The skin fell, the king's hat fell and his feet jumped.

The competitive world is a cold law. I could not beat it. Always watch your surroundings without looking. Then I talked with foreigners who were with me, they were tourists traveling to Korea! I convinced them to make good memories during their travels.

I'm done !!!!! It was not easy!

(Photo = Snaptime YouTube Capture)

King Jonghong and Koto finally karaoke

After 30 minutes we went to the karaoke. On the other hand, the last winner was rated by karaoke as he hired foreigners. An old coin karaoke, which started the Atayevo flame pick-up began.

Our foreigners came from Morocco and found a French song. However, it would not be possible for a French song to be used here in Korean karaoke. After the battle with Ed Sheran's song "Shape of You" was hardly chosen. Music was Bachchi, I did not know very well. At last he broke the pig alone.

It looks like the other side is moving slowly. It was the same in choosing a song. The Japanese knew the reindeer of Southampton and the South Korean nursery.

"If there is light in our hearts …"

Pending. Japanese learn Korean rhythms !!

I gave the "heart and white heart" song, and I saw the scheduler say one by one.

Night of bread! Finally, open the report.

Our team has 89 points, and the opponent has 100 points.

Finally, I lost again.

Speaking and talking to foreigners at Itawan was easy, but it was not as easy as it was heard. For the first time, it may be hard for them to reach the audience. The god of happiness is not on my side but I wish to win one day.

(Photo = Snaptime YouTube Capture)

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