Wednesday , May 18 2022

& # 39; Black Desert & # 39; Console OBT Early Response & # 39; positive & # 39;


Pearl Abys said yesterday that the Black Desert launched the Xbox One open test and gave positive results.

The company has started testing eight consoles of the "Black Desert" consoles. On the first day of the test, the first 15 days of the test will be sufficient for the user, and now 30 services are expanding to respond to the service, says Pearl Abyss.

In North America, users who like games also respond positively. It's hard to see how responsible the console game is, the targeted action, the high graphic quality and the wider battle.

In addition, the Xbox One version of the Black Shelf will be open until the 12th of June for testing and this year it plans to start North America and Europe.

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