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"One Stop" as an Economic Leader
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Sketch concept of the country
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Revocation of real estate policy
"Measures for Stabilization after 9/13"
The problem of responsibility for raising real estate
"Real estate market is periodic"

The president of the new presidential secretariat, Kim Seo-Hyun, gave an interview to journalists at the 11 June Chungchuan Chong Wanga meeting. Kim jong ke

The president of the new presidential secretariat, Kim Seo-Hyun, gave an interview to journalists at the 11 June Chungchuan Chong Wanga meeting. Kim jong ke

Speaking at a press conference after the inauguration on November 11, chief executive officer of Chong Wah's presidential office, Kim Syu Heon, repeatedly downgraded his candidacy, claiming that Hong Higgins and Minister of Strategy and Finance are economic leaders. According to him, the former chief of politics, Jang X-sung, the deputy prime minister, finance minister and finance minister Kim Dong-yon supported the "dissent" and supported "support".
"I work as a team with the Vice Prime Minister, as the economy's leader in managing the economy," he said at the annual Blue House meeting. As for his role, he said: "The chief of politics is the support and support of economic activity to support the president," he said. "The goal is to step up the joint work of the Cabinet and the Secretariat."
Instead, he calls for his efforts to "go into the nation", to the idea of ​​President Ai Jee. In order to implement a "good-willed" people who live together, it needs a combination of economic policies and social policies, and emphasizes that it is the right person. President Kim Kim was instructed to "take the lead in integrated social policy and economic policy". "I am a longtime social politician, and I understand Economic Minister's vision of economic policy."
He explained that he would be "a coordinator" because he was not an economic expert. "He has a chief economist and an economic assistant in the blue house. I accept them as a coordinating role for the task forces of the entire national government and support them with a decent job with the Cabinet of Ministers. " "Ro Mo Hing and Lee Myung-bak became chief politicians in the government of Baki. It's time to be a non-politician expert at this stage. I think it's a right thing to do. I strongly support the role of strengthening and expanding the unity of the Minister's Cabinet. "
As for the real estate policy, which is a symbol of the one who believes it will seek stability after the events of September 13. "If we are worried in the future, we will be able to get benefits."
Nevertheless, the real estate market with respect to "responsibility" in the real estate market is periodic. The world has gone up and down. Unfortunately, the Government of Ro-Mo-Hen and the Government of Park Hyun He are growing from the second half of the government, "he said.
Kim thought about rebuilding real estate policies in Chong Wa Dae. He said: "We give the Secretary of the Secretariat the title of the Secretary of the National Security Council, so the successor Kim Yong-mionong will focus on social security, health care and education. .
Kim explained that the first economic group "has started a huge step towards the economic policy of the government, which started without a transitional commission". She left me with a pocket and blue pocket while she was leaving. I asked for anger when it was hard.
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