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At the press conference Deputy Deputy Prime Minister Ninegini
"Change of Economic Crisis to Individual Assistance"
"I do not always meet with the opposition party"

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Strategy and Finance Hong Nam-yen will hold a press conference on September 9 at the Umit House near Gwanghwamun. Provided by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Strategy and Finance Hong Nam-yen will hold a press conference on September 9 at the Umit House near Gwanghwamun. Provided by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance

Mr. Ai-je's second deputy prime minister and Finance Minister of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Hong Nam, considers the economy to be a decentralization of constitution and economic reform: "If this is a universal service in developed countries, . It is determined that the second economic group will make every effort to boost the overall economy, such as transport and accommodation.
On the 9th of February, on the evening of 9 September, a Hope meeting with journalists was held near Gwangwamun. "Basic regulatory reform, which requires the private sector, such as innovation and growth, Hong said, "We have a" test lane "in the world, but we need to be firm and consistent in the new industry. It is necessary to minimize the damage to the corporate economy (stakeholders) and to find a way out of this dialogue through dialogue. I think I will be one-sided because I try. "
Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Kim Dong-yo called the National Assembly to revitalize regulatory reforms, such as the national economy. He said: "I talked to the ministry or the ruling party, but I would like to say frankly. Now it is our reality, and it is our ability. " "I took the idea of ​​going further. Regulatory reforms, including the general economy, are very difficult, "he says." If the common economy is a great market, we must break it.
"It's too early to estimate the current economic situation in a crisis or stagnation," says Hong, "but I'm really excited that economic downturn is hard, and economic indicators are sluggish." "I do not think that the economic situation will develop easily next year," he said, "We try to get closer to the economy's expectations."
The rate of growth in the number of employed in the eighth month was less than 100 thousand, the average recycling rate in processing industry was 72.8% in January-September, and since 1998 (66.8%) the lowest in the currency crisis. Among the economic indicators, domestic and foreign institutions predict that Korea's economic growth will diminish from the pace of future growth.
To activate the economy, we announced that every Wednesday we had a meeting with companies and listened to local voices, and Hong said, "If we change the" Economic Partnership Meeting "for six months or a year, I will do my best." "I think we need to promote public policy in order to promote economic stability, increase household income, improve separation and reduce polarization," he said. "Innovation is not the government, but the private sector. The government supports and encourages incentives, but if the first economic group is the first, the second economic group wants to beat it with the private sector. "
Deputy Prime Minister Gong expressed deep interest in the social dialogue. Hong Kong, in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, positively assesses the problem of reducing the time spent on reducing working time by cooperative management. "Would we be able to find directions in many ways, including salary, if we build up social wisdom? I think there is nothing to worry about the social dialogue and the big dialogue between the ministers of economic ministers, labor and managerial organizations in the economic sphere. (Deputy Prime Minister), I work with interest when I start working ". The opposition party also said it would expand its communications platform. "I think it would be great if the opposition parties have always been able to explain the economic situation and get their opinions and opinions systematically," he said. "I want to say a couple of times a year.
The result of the labor wage and tariff adjustment theory was made by Deputy Prime Minister Kim Dong Yona. Hong: "I can not say how much it has affected the minimum wage employment. (But) I think it has affected partly. According to him, the minimum wage will be adjusted right now, as the president promised to "win 10,000 in 2020". The minimum wage will increase by 16.4 percent this year and 10.9 percent next year.
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