Monday , January 30 2023

"Ela Konic" Tinker's Lingerie Shop, TV Book Buying Book


Shinssegae Elaconic Shinssegae TV Shows (photo = Shinssegae)
[이데일리 함지현 기자]Announced the launch of an exclusive line for purchasing Shinsegae TV.

According to Shinsa, Ella Kornich recorded about 200,000 live viewers on her first TV channel for the 16th time. That's twice as high as the regular TV buyers. He also sold more than 100 million wines per hour and was not temporarily absent.

Shinssegae Elaconic and Shinssegae decided to organize the 19th Appendix to purchase the TV's PB (products) product popularity. The third broadcast date will be announced later.

Elaconic Loungeware is the second prize of the Shinssegae Department Store prize from the first half of the year. The joint project with Shinsegae TV Shopping will cost $ 1 billion this year.

Since the Chineses departments offered to buy a TV, there are many requests about Elaconic products, so they planted autumn and winter products. In particular, PB products are diversified in stores.

One of the secrets of success is the popularity and favorable price of the "loungeware" genre.

This year, there was the hottest word not only at home, but also in neighborhoods, in airports, in tourist destinations, in hotels. In particular, the know-how of the store's distribution was reflected in the production. Most importantly, the Elaconic planning team has chosen its concept and has chosen it for a few months at a reasonable price.

If Ellaconic sold young people-oriented products in the 20th and 30th years, this time the TV showed popular design that can absorb all middle and old consumers, depending on the nature of the purchase.

It consists of a set of up and downs, one set and five, including the best, including 120,000 won.

Elaconic is made of two-sided brush material to improve the winter's winter appearance and has also used incredible printers that are visible on imported brands.

Shin, head of the Shinsegae Store Store: "The department store customer knows best, shoppers are quick to meet customer requirements." This feature will be ".

At the same time, Elkonik, who was introduced to Gangnam earlier this year, is currently heading 7 stores, including the main store, Centum City store, Gyeonggi Shop, Gwangju Shop, Daegu Shop, and flagship Gangnam Sikor. It sells over 40 brands and 1,200 different products both domestically and abroad.

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