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"Emperor Empress" Lee Xi Jin, the emperor's high fashion princess … Special Force


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"The Quality of Empress" by Li Hui-Jin / Photo by SM Life Design Group

Actor Li Hi-Jin puts out "Immortal Princess Gogo Otto Couture" beyond imagination.

The SBS Drama Empress Imperatrice issued a picture of the Lee Emperor's Emperor Lee Anghyuka's sister and the head of the Emperor's Palace Lee Hye-Jin.

The Emperor's Empress is a thriller drama of the imperial romance that includes the empire of modern empire, which includes harassment, love, desire and revenge in imperial families,

Lee Hee-Jin – Emperor's Empress I Xuq (Shin Sun-Rock) sister and Emperor's Princess Sozhin, the president of the shopping mall in Imperial Palace. In the drama, the princess is a man without love, loneliness and appearance. It shows the appearance of a princess with an unusual fashion pattern and does not allow the store to be lacking.

In the picture, Lee Xi Jin did not shake the handwriting manually. It's very impressive to put a runway to work like a model, and to wear a short skirt shoe with a pink suit and complete the "hate couture" of a princess. Here we have ended with a unique mixed match with solar pink color lenses and sunglasses filled with blue heights.

Production crew says: "Princess Li Hing Jin is a person who has been wounded and has been a person of varying degrees." Hi Jin, who has been returning to the theater for years and three months, I hope you love him. "

"Imperial Quality" will be distributed on November 21 after the "Thoracic Hemorrhoids" magazine.

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