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Kim Kim's alleged human rights abusive Kim Kung-Do, the curling federation, has denied the player's relationship?

At the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, Kim Kim, who caused the "Angry" syndrome and curling fever, stood at the edge of the sting. Kim Kim, also known as the former prize, and Kim Kyung-do Kim Min-jung, surprised me with an exposition about the responsibility of the executive director of the Order Federation for insulting and humiliating human rights.

Kim Kim, Kim Kim Sun-Young, Kim Eun-jung, Kim Kyung-ae, Kim Sun-jung and Kim Eun-jung) at the Pyeonggi Olympics Kim Min-jung and his father, Kim Kyung-doo, deeply involved in professional life. He said he worked. The eighth place in SBS.

Female female dancers who won a silver medal at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games won a silver medal at the age of 25 at the Gangwon-do Gangneung Curling Awards. From the left, Kim Ein Jung, Kim Kyun A, Kim Chang Young, Kim Young Me, Kim Chohi.

▲ Woman with silver hairPyeongChang won the silver medal at the Winter Olympics, and on February 25, the Korean women team welcomed the award ceremony at the Gangwon-do Gangneung Curling Center. From the left, Kim Ein Jung, Kim Kyun A, Kim Chang Young, Kim Young Me, Kim Chohi.Ⓒ Li Ha Ha

Kim Kim "Kim Min-jung tried to pull out Kim Il-Jong from the team"

Kim Kim's captain and goalkeeper Kim En-Jun said that he was having difficulty preparing for the national qualifying round this season. Kim Ann Jung: "Despite the promotion of the national tournament, Professor Kim Cune – I did not say about preparations for the selection:" I have to file an application one day ago, "he said. In fact, Kim was trying to get him out of the team.

The team's team refused to comply with the national team's selection. It was reported that they were in a hurry for a week after the training and they were late for a contract with a sponsor. As a result, Kim Kim went to the finals of the National Championship in Taekwondo, but lost to the Chuncheon City Hall and was forced to take up the national team this season.

He also pointed out that there were no athletes at the Beijing Olympics after Kim Min-jun, who oversaw the women's shovels at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Team Kim said: "Director Kim Min-Jung did not attend training sessions, it was easier to calculate the date of his employment, and he did not teach any instructions on the training day." In addition, there is part of the appeal, which did not take part in a two-day convention for Kim's involvement in the tournament.

The dispute over who has exercises has not stopped here. In January 2017, before the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, teenager Kim Ho Ho was injured and tried to play Kim Min-Jung as a player. "When I was playing, I did not do anything, and I did not regret it when I played," Kim said. "You asked what you did and you did," he said in an interview with SBS. Kim said, "Oh, I have not done anything yet, and I have been severely injured".

Kim Kim did not want Kim Kim's Eun-jung team to take on Kim's July wedding. The role of transfer and approval is to reduce the team's position and to avoid Kim's involvement in the exercise.

Rhetoric for players … What are the leaders outside?

The most striking part of the athlete was Kim Rai Min-jun's father Kim Kyun-doo's rhetoric. In an interview with SBS, Kim said: "Whoever's opponents of Kim's lack of training showed that he was like a dog." Kim: "I condemn that player in front of me. That's amazing.

It also confirms that Kim Ming-Jun has hindered media coverage of the Olympics semi-final in Pionchkhan. According to players, their actions were over-controlling and their confidentiality was violated.

Team Kim said: "I always manage my personal life after training, and always ask friends to meet with friends. "If you have done something that you should not do as a player, you can take a look at it, but I'm criticized for not knowing the reasons for having your daily leisure time." After getting him, he justified the players, "he said.

Curling "Team Kim" from the shadow "I was wronged" The Hawk's Curling Team Kim Kim Kyung Du, who called Kim Korea's Sports Council, the Gyeongbuk Athletic Association and the Wesung Army on 6 June, said that the film director and his wife were unfair.

On February 27, the group will feature a team "Team Kim", which will conduct a show with a group in Teagoon Café. In the upper left, Kim Min Zhong, Kim Choi Hai, Kim Young Mi, Kim Kyuin A, Kim Sun Young, Kim En Jung are clockwise.

▲ Curling «Team Kim» Shadow «committed unfairly» The "Curling Team Kim" claims that the players have sent to the Korean Sports Council, the Gyeongbuk Athletic Association, and to Useong-Gun on June 6th, with Kim Kyun-do's Kim Kyun-doo being unfair.

On February 27, the group will feature a team "Team Kim", which will conduct a show with a group in Teagoon Café. In the upper left, Kim Min Zhong, Kim Choi Hai, Kim Young Mi, Kim Kyuin A, Kim Sun Young, Kim En Jung are clockwise.Ⓒ Yonhap News

In an interview with SBS, athletes said that Kim Min Zhun was invited to attend a school event for children without knowing any other kind of kindergarten information.

On the other hand, the manager of the Gyeongbuk sports council team, Kim Chang-Seok, confirmed that it was different from that. According to the report, the Gyeongbuk Athletic Association claimed that Kim had a problem with "cash regulation", compulsory mobilization of day care centers, and training of Kim Jun Yung. Chang Bok-seok, director of Gyeongbuk Athletic Association, married couple Kim Min-jung.

Member of the Curling Federation Kim Kyung cut off contact with Doo Kim,

The Curling Alliance said that Kim Kyunn – the contact with the Gyundoksky team of women was largely blocked by the smile team. "The federation and the team Kim had difficulty communicating with players," said the official representative of the Korean Curved Federation on Day 9. According to the official, Kim Kim was very upset about contact with the Federation, and the Federation allowed him / her only contact with directors and coaches. It was difficult to identify the curricula of the Federation Federation players.

In addition, the Federation said that athletes do not know about the published money through broadcasting. "Before the tournament, athletes offered a direct score to athletes to get a cash prize," he said. "So the federation could not determine if the athlete received the prize money.

According to "Kyunguk" sports association media, when talking to journalists on the phone, "We are still organizing facts and meeting with direct players." The Association of Athletics Association of Gyeongbuk declared that it is not yet clear: "After the meeting with the players, I publish it after setting the position".

Kim Kim is one of the tournaments he can compete for the big helm tournament, which is "a national team, not a national team." "If you want to play Kim in another team, this is a form of invitation to teams with good grades and good grades."

"Tim Kim is no longer a national representative, and if the current national delegates hope to go on tour, they will support offshore training as a representative and the Federation will not take part in the team event." . "We have no problem in international competitions for international competitions in the international season, and we will continue international competitions until the World Championship," he said.

Kim Kyunndvo, acting president,

At present, the Federation has a legitimate dispute with Kim. In June of last year, when Chairman of the Federation League was suspended, Vice Chairman Kim Kyung-do was chairman. However, Kim did not comply with the requirement for his participation in the presidential election within 60 days, and sentenced him to a one-and-a-half-month suspended sentence.

Therefore, he demanded that the Korean Sports Council's Sports Review Committee revise, saying that it was unjust to suspend qualifications because he did not vote for the president, even though he worked well for half an hour. However, the claim was rejected and has not been accepted. Finally, Kim Jong-il asked the federation to suspend its suspension.

The Federation has been appointed as a governing body and I am ready to work closely with this person (Kim) to lead the management of the Korean Sports Council. The Alliance: "We need to resolve disputes related to the cessation of Kim Jäh, hence sponsorship can be provided to marketing and support players".

Curling PyeongChang was an unpopular event that did not attract public attention until the Winter Olympics. Team Kim's players shouted "Young Miami" in Pyeongchang and for the first time in Asia he won the Olympic silver medal. However, within eight months, athletes were shown to be in the team, and Kim Kim, who was the cause of death, said retirees would retire.

▲ "Happy"! Kim Ann jung shoutedOn February 23, Gangneung Curling Center in Gangwon Province will host the semifinals of the Korean and Japanese PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games. South Africa's Kim Eun-jun'n after "Jong Mi Me!"Ⓒ Li Ha Ha

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