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Kim Young-ji, Kim Hae-in and Road 051 won twice in tournament fights – Sports Today


[스포츠투데이 이상필 기자]Kim Young-ji (25, Team Jay), the Young Century fantasy Yoshiko and Taekwon Fighter meet Kim Ha (26, Savi MMA).

On December 15, ROAD FC XIAOMI ROAD will accept FC 051XX at Grand Hilton Seoul. Jae-ji (19, Team Jay) and Lee Jae-ji (19, Team Jae) are Lee Sio-yon (Lord George Jhangnam MMA), Hong Hong (Songtan MMA multi-gim), Baek Hyun-joo (20, Gwangju Anthem of Hope). The conflict between Kim Young-ji and Kim Hae was also confirmed.

As a MMA fighter, the Passenger League is active via ROAD FC Central League. On September 16, 2017, he made his official debut and currently has four MMA professional games. King Ryan, Nakai Lin and other well-known players.

Last year, Yoshico met me and paid much attention. Yoshiko is a professional wrestler who has suffered a serious injury and injury. ROAD FC has also proved its applicability to MMA. Kim Young-ji's weight was low, but at the infinite level, he made Yoshicio close to perfection, defense, and strike.

Kim Kim-in is a battleman of taekwondo fighting games. Like Kim Young-ji, he made debut as a professional player through the Road FC Central League. The world champion in boxing Lika Emiko and Lee Hutchinsy of China have shown this opportunity. Especially when he met Lin Hutchins, he hit the taekwondo head and made his opponent a special laugh.

President of ROAD FC Dean Wen Kim said: "On December 15, the third round of the Women's League Road FA XX XX will be held, Kim Young-ji and Kim Hae are potential players. I am a great supporter of the two warriors, who have become a ready-made warrior. "

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