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Kumanga mountain tourism is forbidden … North Korea opens Wonsan, Majolyeong and Tongyeong-do


Democratic Party MP Ahn Ming Seok on the 18th of the morning arrives in North Korea on Heng Yingyun (left) to attend the 20th anniversary of Kumgang Tourism, along with Hughespoon vacations in Gangwon Province. [사진 제공 = 연합뉴스]

Hyundai Group and North Korea Peace Corps for North Korea have organized a festive event to celebrate the 18th anniversary of tourist tourism that has been suspended for more than 10 years. Since 2014, the touristic relay of Hughesans has passed on the North side. Hyundai Group leaders and former members of the ruling and opposition parties, ministers of former associations and employees of the field took part in the event. In the north, about 80 people, including officials from the Asia-Pacific region, have reaffirmed their readiness to resume their tourist service. South Korea's customers are looking for more and more South Korean relations. Over the past three or four days, the South Korean National Co-operation Council and the North Korean National Coordination Council held a North-South Folklore Co-operation and Integration Conference at Kumgon Mountain. At the end of August the meeting of families was held. It's been three years since in the city of Kumgang.

The government believes that an increase in the number of civil servants will not interfere with the issue of mountain climbing and tourism restoration. However, as the Moon Jae government increased the number of human exchanges between two Koreas, the two Koreas agreed to resolve the problem of restoring tourism directly to the priority of relations with Korea, as the "re-opened Kumkang Mountain" waited.

According to some, reconstruction of condemned tourism is not a matter of time. However, on the other hand, TG There is concern that Gyogengan may be used to restore tourism by returning north to tourists (cash) to improve economic recovery and livelihood.

North and South Korea have announced plans to resume major Korean economic cooperation in the field of tourism after the release of sanctions on North Korea and the lifting of the Pyongyang summit in September. The parties agreed to normalize the Kaesong industrial complex and tourism Kumoul tourism in accordance with the agreement and agreed to discuss the creation of a special zone for the Seohae Economic Zone and Donghae tourism.

This agreement is closely linked to the idea of ​​the North Korean National Committee Chairman Kim Jong-un's "admission to tourism,

Tourism is located in the age of Kim Jong-un, who is a North Korean economic revival project. When building a ski resort in the northern part of the province of Gangwon, Kim developed a slogan "speed of mosques" for rapid economic growth in the early days of administration.

Relatively free tourism in UN sanctions The North was a land market that could easily buy foreign currency. After building the infrastructure, it will be attracted to tourism that will help stabilize foreign exchange earnings, even if it does not have much to pay. This is an undeniable choice for Kim, the world's largest tourist destination in Switzerland.

Professor Kim Changwon of Kyung University says: "Since the 1980s, North Korea has recognized tourism as a destination for tourism, including joint ventures and joint ventures."

Kim's driving axis after the project Kim Kim's tourism promotion project, the main axis of the North Gangwon Province, was the band from Kumonsan to Vonsan and Mazhallon. It is also the first gateway to see who should pass through the Mitt Junggan Kim's approach to tourism from the North. The Tyumen boom, which is the "main gate," should be opened in Vonsan and Mazholong for a full range of Korean and foreign tourists.

North "Chosun Mt. Kumgang International Travel Agency provides a variety of tourist information and looks good for PR and tourist attraction. In fact, the website of the International Travel Agency Kumgang has launched various tourist products in 4 days, 7 days and 8 days, connecting major cities like Kumamag, Pyongyang and Vonsan. In particular, the Geumgangsan International Tourism Special Sustainability Law was detailed in preparing for legal disputes.

A senior diplomatic source familiar with the North's internal affairs said: "If Kim Jong-un has come to the construction site of Wonsan-Karma coastal tourist zone several times, we have to build a lot of buildings," he said.

Recently, North Korea has put together private tourist attractions outside the group excursions focused on visual attractions. Apart from northern beer tours, most of the sports touristic products, such as bicycles, skiing and golf, have been developed in addition to those who have been renamed abroad.

After the appointment of the board, Kim set up a tourism university in Pyongyang, and trained relevant staff through the creation of tourism management and tourism management (management and development) divisions. The Department of Tourism is created and operates in the College of Education located in each region.

Of course, if the sanctions on North Korea and the ban on major US-led states such as North Korea are lifted, only a plan to promote tourism will be implemented. To this end, experts say that North Korea has a clear need for nuclear weapons abandonment and should be officially recognized in the international community.

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