Friday , June 9 2023

Lee Jung-boom reporter – Tennessee surveillance has entered washing machine washing … "Breathing difficulty"


[이정범 기자] A teenage school student who suffered from drowning in a large washing machine in a self-service laundry in Busan was rescued by the police and 119 ambulances.

According to the Pusan ​​National Police Office, on January 3, at 6:21 pm, Busanjin-guban self-service center lodged 112 complaints that "the student has been trapped in the washing machine and is breathing disorder".

The police, who received the report, called the landlord to call the landlord and received his consent, forced the washing machine door to open 119 rescue missions and rescued the A-Yang student after a nine-minute announcement.

Police / News
Police / News

He found this laundry with five friends and was found guilty in the washing machine.

They said in a laundry, "If something is fine when I get into the washing machine." It was reported that she volunteered to enter the washing machine, opened the door and tried to open it again but did not open it.

Police confirmed that she had no abnormalities in A's health and handed it to her parents at 8 o'clock.

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