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Peter's research is Lee Hye-Jun, the third generation from father to daughter (the good man) [종합] – Sports today


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Lee Hye-jung & # 39; man is good & # 39; / photo = MBC Screen Capture

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[스포츠투데이 이소연 기자] The study of pita discloses the art-scenery of Lee Ha-Jun.

The 6th documentary film MBC (directed by Ha Te-ho) is engaged in research, and Lee He-Jung tells us about the life we ​​have seen so far.

I am 24 years old. Lee Hee – Doctor Dr. Myung-Khan Ko is in the home of a married doctor. She lived for 15 years and lost her life as a living mother. The reason he was a food cook was a couple.

Lee says: "When I was 39 years old, my husband told me: 'What can you do?'

I felt then. Many people wanted to teach. I wanted to teach this to my liking, and I wanted to make it a profession, "he explained why he chose as a profession.

Lee Hee-Jong did not come to study food products through the family. She says: "Many students have learned to eat more, and I have been studying in Italy, and when I was in the United States, I went to Codong Center for a short period of time. I've learned it for a long time. "

After Lee He-Dung, her daughter saw her mother cooking with her dreams. Now I am helping my family. Compared to her mother who has many years of experience, her husband, Cho John Young, is the daughter of Lee Kha-jun, who fills in the difference between his mom and his family.

Kojongyun says, "I can not manage the shop, and I've been buying it out of the market for less than six hours."

Lee He-Dong: "Why are you working so hard? There are many people who say that money is good, and now if we think there is little time to move around, we will move. "

Li was born in a rich family. As his CEO, his father, Lee John Dai, begins with a major corporate auditor, MBC has been introduced throughout the country by a documentary called "Successful Young". His father grew up and became passionate.

"I wanted to be like her and I want to hear from my parents that I'm not proud, but my life was not bad," Lee said.

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