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The Concern has come true.

Also, An-Paul's soccer coach Young Hyun-sau, a judo defender, also falsely accuses documents of military service.

How many athletes did 544 hours of volunteering properly? The lips are spreading.

Kim Ki-bum reported.


Two years ago, Paul served with a silver medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Since November of the same year, I have been providing about 300 voluntary service papers and many doubts.

I worked before the international conventions and taught my teens on the day of mass release.

When the money was released, the judo team took Paul out of the countryside.

[금호연/유도 대표팀 감독 : “아마 540시간인데 이 친구가 620시간을 써서 냈는데 제가 오늘 봤거든요. 그게 다 기억을 못하더라고요. 언제 어떻게 했는지. 일단 퇴촌 조치를 했고요.”]

KBS has reported suspicious cases.

Currently, there are 24 suspects who are suspected of special military service.

They have completed four weeks of military training, and after 34 months, 544 hours of military service are replaced by physical training.

I have to fill out more than 16 hours per month, and I consider the possibility of distorting documents, just as I did at school.

This is a fraudulent photograph that will be displayed in the weather in the sun and sunshine, such as Chang Hyun-water.

The Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs Ministry plans to publish its findings next month through joint investigations with the Office of the Military Forces.

If there is massive corruption, it is necessary to reconsider the specificity of military service.

KBS News Kim Ki Boom

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