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Reconstruction of the budget, Prime Minister … Repeated screening


Review of the Standing Committee Budget … Up to 20 Days

(Seoul-Yonhap News) Kim, Yeon-jung, a prosecutor of the ruling Uri party, said: "The next year, the state budget has the potential to crush the ruling Uri Party's Budget Revision Subcommittee.

In addition, it is not easy for the budget review to be difficult due to various issues, such as the levels of the standing committee, so it will not be easy to comply with the current budget year (December 2).

According to Uri's ruling party and members of the opposition cabinet, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party has completed a comprehensive review until December 12 and has "

Nevertheless, according to each party, the constitutional duty of the budget was not agreed and agreed by 15 people.

Party secretary, budgetary budget

Party secretary, budgetary budget(Seoul-Yonhap News) Special Committee on the Budget of the National Assembly, Choi Je-Koo, Democratic Party Coordinator, 2018.11.5
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The problem is that competitive bets are called budget.

In addition, according to the seats, the Democratic Party has seven democrats, six free Korean, 2 futurists, one companion, six in Korea and two on the right.

The South Korean party should receive a request from the Democratic Party of Peace and Democracy Party and cut Democratic Party seats from seven to six, one party must join the opposition group to support 15 members.

Because budget-driven decision-making on each project's growth / decline, it is resolved not by public opinion, but by consensus, and it is not easy to co-ordinate the gap between stakeholders.

"If the governing party can not agree on the budget before the 12th day of the meeting, it will affect the review schedule," said the official representative of Yonhap News.

In addition, the opposition party strongly opposes the Finance Minister and the Minister of Finance and Economy, Kim Dong-yon, in the budget.

The government and the ruling party say the appointment of a new deputy minister of economy should go through a hearing, so Deputy Prime Minister Kim ends the budget, but opposition parties, for example, KCTU and the right-wing party: The Ministry of Economy and Economy has strongly criticized the move.

In addition, each standing commission has a slow pace of preliminary screening of budget proposals.

The Standing Committee does not facilitate the discussions of most Standing Committees, including the Environment and Labor Committee, which considers the Employment and Employment Fund, and the debate on the Diplomatic and Reconciliation Committees, which considers inter-Korean cooperation projects.

Chairman Ahn Sang Su

Chairman Ahn Sang Su(Seoul Yonhap News) Kim, Jou Hyung, reporter – Ahun Sung-Soun, Ahun Sang-sa, meets with opposition MPs at the National Assembly's special session on budget regulation in the National Assembly. 2018.11.9
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For this reason, every year recurring "preliminary examination" is discussed in the political circle and the possibility of getting out of it.

Although the Bill on Budget Expiration is nearing completion, it is a challenge to repeat the process of reviewing the mysterious room, as it is not enough to review the increase in time, as well as to review the review before the government consensus is needed.

In addition, it is a holiday of the Korean court on December 2 this year, therefore the ruling and opposition parties have scheduled a plenary session to adopt the draft budget on 30th of this month.

Last year, the ruling and ruling party of the ruling Uri party called the "small party" of three secretarial members after considering the 15 members of the budget commission. A separate consultative body was created to discuss issues.

Moreover, if ruling and opposition parties can not reach consensus at the last minute of the deadline, they will be criticized for putting the government's bill in the plenary session and the recent amendments to the ruling and opposition parties.

It is not easy to find the points of contact between the two sides this year through the budget of the government, the budget for the Korean co-operation, and so on.

Democratic Party Deputy Secretary General Seo Young Koi said that "we do not need to fight in the process of budget expertise" is unnecessary ":" We do our best to refuse to extradite the opposition through the persuasion of the opposition party ".

On the other hand, South Korea's Secretary General Jang Jay Wont said: "If I do not agree with my agreement, it will be 23 trillion dollars. I can not.

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