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"Second Jun Chung Ho Should Never Be Again"


"Second Jun Chung Ho Should Never Be Again"

Yun Chung Ho (22), who died in a brain injury after being driven by a car driver in September, was offered at the Pusan ​​Armed Forces Hospital in Houndu-Gouda, Busan.

The Army Corps of the Republic of Korea announced on August 10 that it had organized an ambulance in the second half of the 9th day, taking into consideration the fact that the Corps of the Korean Army died on August 10 at the Yunus Pusan ​​Armed Forces hospital in the crash during the KATUSA Soldier service.

The ROCA support team decided to hold a funeral on May 11 at 8:30 am.

Binzo Bibo has become a hugely hugely seamless family.

My dad Yi Ghi-Hyun (53): "When I admitted this morning, I told my son that I loved him.

Yong said, "We hope that these tragic events will not happen, like Chang Ho, and the Law at the 15th Plenary Meeting of the National Assembly.

Jenna's friends, who called for law enforcement in street traffic, kept their passions alive and left their dead alive.

Pusan ​​Mayor Ogando and lawmaker Thae Coyonbang and other members of parliament, as well as the Democratic Peace party, which was detained during the drunkenness.

Last month, with the approval of 104 parliamentarians, a member of the House of Representatives was named Yoon Chang-ho Law in accordance with the Revised Law on Traffic, partially intoxicated by penalties, and I retained wastes.

When I found the general counselors and saw the spirit of the deceased, I was deeply upset.

"I'm KATUSA, I'm a senior citizen, a local resident, and I'm sorry for Yun Chung Ho," says Hoiung-gee Chairman Lee Myung-Won. I hope that as a young person doing great work for the country, it will be a great opportunity for a healthy community to increase awareness about driving. "

Jung, who is dreaming of becoming a lawyer, died of treatment after being hit by a BMW car carried out by a master-sergeant at the Mipo cross on the Heide-Gu island at Haeundae Paik Hospital, Haeundae Paik Hospital, on September 25.

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