Wednesday , May 18 2022

Sports Seoul :: [사건사고]20-ton Central Highway Roads … & # 39; Two Injuries &


[스포츠서울 황철훈기자] On the 11th, at 23:45, about 20 tons of rock fell on the second lane at the intersection point in Chongqing, Chongju, Chongqing.

Star Rex driver running on Zhangwon crashed and driver Thermo (65) was hospitalized and treated in hospital.
The other three passengers walked along the pavement pavement.

Korea Motor Roads Corporation (KEC) is engaged in emergency repair due to falling of cutting fences up to 63 m.
Police have taken full control of bus routes to Changwon, taking into consideration the danger of being driven out of the toilets by holding the car from the SS to the National Highway.
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