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The 15th National Cooperative Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives … The first 2 year old newcomer, the first winner. : Dongga Sports


Thank you, Charley.

In the first race of the Neo-Madeleine debut of the second generation opens a short 1200 meter show. The 15th NACF Grand Prix will be held at Gyeongju 9 in Seoul, South Korea. The winner of the Super Rucki competition will receive more than 100 million Won wins, walks and literary joy.

● Thank you to Charlie (2 years, USA, R70, auxiliary Choy, 75.0%, profitability rate 75.0%)

It's a three-way victory. The monetary prize from the third race is about $ 130 million. The waves make up very high. Until the end of October, before the start of the race, the championship was lost with a large difference between the 2nd and 6th places. 1200 m race won 2 times and won everything.

In the spring.

● Springback (2 years old, USA, R65, assistant Ahn Byunggi, coefficient ratio 66.7%, profitability rate 100.0%)

In the first debut of July, he appeared miraculously, winning 9 drums. Every high prize of more than 100 million won. He went out three times after his debut, won two wins, and one wins. The 1200 m race is the first.

Literary Joy.

● Literary Joy (Male, 2 years old, USA, R73, Chih Hick, Assistant, 60.0%, 80.0%)

After his debut, he played five times and gained the best experience in the field. In September 1400, the raises up to 73, which is the highest rating of the competition and went up to grade 2. It was the most popular in October.

Cherry Cherry Blossoms.

● King of Cherry Blossom (Su, 2 years old, USA, R64, Assistant Park De Hang, coefficient 66.7%, coefficient ratio 100.0%)

In the NACF Grand Prix distance, he won the 4th place in the 1200m race, winning 2nd and 6th cars. Park Dae-heung, who is in charge of the board, won 54 awards this year. One victory is expected in the plan.

Great hit.

● Ultra Punch (2 years, USA, R60, assistant Ahn Binggi, coefficient 66.7%, multiplication factor 66.7%)

It was not impressive at the 5th place of debut on September 9, but he runs in a two-run race. Only 1000 m race is played, and the key is adapted to the distance of 1200 m.

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