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The first Korean football events have been announced in Korea …


[스포츠투데이 이상필 기자]Hem Syo Xi XIAOMI ROAD FC 051 XX The name of the atom.

On June 10, 2017, Ham Seo Xi (30th place) won the title of Atom class in the ATOM class in Japan and became the champion. Six months later, he won the first defense of Jean Jouferi with the CU. Ham Sai Hui was delighted with a great victory.

Ham Seo-hi then played. The term is about one year. The causes were injured. When I hit my opponent, I hit my bones and healed it for a long time.

Ham Seo Heidi, who has been recovering from cancer, is back on the 15th of December again. XIAOMI ROAD 051 ХХ Grand Hilton in Seoul. In the second defense of Ham Sai-Hi, opponent "Monstr Wolf" was approved as Park Jeong-eun (22 · Team Strong Wolf).

Both fighters took the 4th place at the press conference of XIAOMI ROAD FC 051 XX at Lotte City Hotel Daejeon. After the game was resolved, I talked about the game for the first time.

"It's a year after the injury," says Ham Seung Hye. "I've had a lot of breaks, so I want to play fast, so I've played for the first time since the debut MMA. I try to win all the way.

On that day, Park Jun Hong hoped for Ham, hoping for his hopes.

"But I did not think I wanted to be with anyone, but I dream to play with the player, and I want to play a lot because I have a lot of age," he says. Whenever possible, I want to try each one of them. "

When Park Jung asked about how he thought about Eun, he replied, "Park Jung Eun is getting ready."

On the other hand, XIAOMI ROAD FC will pass at 051 XIOMI Road FC 051 and XIOMI ROAD FC will be held at Grand Hilton Seoul in December 051. As a key event, ROAD FC champion Hamashee and world champion, World Champion in the world rankings, Jung-Eon Monstroft Park, won the Atom class.

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