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"The Hunt of Humans" Hong Jun Hai "is Jay's Strange Secret Way? [TV캡처] – Sports today


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Hunting Horse Hun Hyun Hi / photo = tvN Screen Capture

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[스포츠투데이 문수연 기자] & # 39; Life bar & # 39; Hong Kong talks about love.

The 22nd Buddhist woman, Hong Hu Hi, Hurmin, and Lee Sophie appeared on television as Life Bar TVN entertainment program.

On that day, Huong Hee talked to her husband Ji-yong: "I called on my birthday, but I did not say anything about it.

"The next day, he asked me () to fill this day. 1 day The phone came and asked, "Why did my sister first admit it?"

In addition, "Park Narae, Lee Nook-Joe, has hit a lot. "This sister was not really late or I knew I would not do it." I was free and asked if the phone was real.

Hon Hong Hye also said, "I love it for a long time. He asked, "Can you meet the writer?" I said, "If you can not see it," he said.


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