Sunday , May 22 2022

The largest trade in China "Kwang Gunje"


OGDGG, a foreign direct-selling market in the center of Korea, and offers free shipping at purchases of more than $ 70. (Photo = Korea Center)
[이데일리 김정유 기자] The largest Kwang Gunje Trade Festival in China (Lightweight Festival, Bachelor's Day), domestic small and medium-sized businesses. China focuses on various activities from cosmetics and kitchen appliances for shipping agencies. SMEs, which have a high share of China in the same day, have a great impact on their annual profit, which is aggressively responsible.

According to the industry, kitchen utensils will sell 29 products a day before 10 am a day. On the day of Gwanggye Gun we decided to expand the product range. The Kwang Gunje Plan Set is expected to attract more than 180,000 marks last year, and this year's expectations are high. Lock & Lock this year plans a set of ceramic tumblers, titles and ring tumblers.

Lock & Lock last year sold 34.7 million yuan (W5.8 billion), an increase of 12 percent over the previous year. Lock & Lock representatives say, "This year we are ready to enjoy the special tanks", and a plastic compacted container kit and a non-locked plastic container for refrigerator, I hold it tight.

Gwang Gunje is a day for single people and the day of the largest online trading day in China called Black Friday. Last year, the volume of online purchase deals amounted to more than $ 30 trillion. Therefore, domestic SMEs entering China are conducting various procurement activities during preparation for photonics.

Other kitchen appliances are among the drugs for photonics. We are manufacturing various planning products for Chinese consumers. Particularly, we plan to sell baby-based products such as glass cabinets, children's glass containers, which are widely known in the Chinese market. The official spokesman of the company said: "This year's online sales in China are increasing year by year, so we see an annual increase in sales in this lightweight military service."

The manufacturer of rice plywood produces up to 40% discount on China's TIMOL online shop. For the first time, customers who buy their products during their first service offer 40% discount, and for the first time they offer premium ironing to their customers. Kuchen also plans to offer dryers and cleaners to 11 and 111 customers, respectively, of lightweight weapons.

The cosmetics industry is also busy. Derma's cosmetic brand brand, Doctor Ji, launched a live broadcast from Tucim on 9th of October last month and offered consumers 50% discount for purchasing products. You can get a 30% discount if you purchase the product even when it is not possible to buy it. Fine world plans to launch the official channel at TIMOL cosmetics and enter the Chinese market. Cosmetic representative of Fine World said: "This year we pay more attention to informing, not to accelerate the trade, because we are involved in a lightweight military system."

Gwang Gunje is not only a manufacturer, distributor, but also a distribution service provider. "OKDGG" launches an optical weapon incident since the beginning of this month, the Korean Center, which operates on the open market with direct access. First of all, if you buy more than $ 70, you will receive a free 11% discount coupon. 40% discount on all products by "Prehistoric" method. Prefecture is a system that delivers popular products to the logistics center and sends them to the payment date. Cashback, EVE Korea, also offers online advertising promotions up to 11% on the day of photo taking.

The industry spokesman said: "Last year, the Chinese market was dropping due to the high-level missile defense system (THAAD), but this year will be different. This is expected to be high.

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