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Two years of interfering in illegal nominations, 33 years before sentencing to former Pakistani President Pak Gu Hing – Kukmin Ilbo


Former President Park Geun-gay was sentenced to two years in prison for his alleged ill-treatment at the 20th general election in 2016, resulting in the National Intelligence Agency's exclusive right to challenge controversy over the Park's fault. It has been canceled for 402 days since October last year.

On February 21, the Detectives Department of the Supreme Court (Chief Judge Kim Enu) in Seoul was charged with violating electoral legislation with regard to public office and sentenced to two years in prison. The court says there are no exceptions to raising a liver. It is difficult to say that punishment can not be considered reasonably. "

Park was sued for taking part in the Sunnuri party after the 20th general election in November 2015 to March 2016. According to him, "Bihak (Park Geun-hye) conducted an illegal poll to remove the Chong Da Vawu government from office and prevent the appointment of a" cute "person. He also wrote to the government's leadership a "confirmation list" and acknowledged the election strategy.

The Holder was guilty of all the crimes he committed. The first instance court said: "We have made clear conclusions in all election strategies, including the formulation and analysis of the election strategy, even though we are not involved in a particular case." The prosecutor's office sentenced her to three years' imprisonment: "Your brother is too bright." The park did not complain as KNPA did.

Earlier, the National Economic Court of Appeals upheld the park for 25 years. I added another year to the first outcome of bribery charges. Up to this time, the sentence imposed on him was sentenced to 27 years of imprisonment with six years' imprisonment and one case on one accusatory act.

To date, the total sentence is 33 years in prison, but this can be increased by the results of the NIS inquiries. The first-instance court ruled that bribery was innocent and had been convicted only for fraudulent death. The court ruled that Chong Wa Day had contribu- tion of illegal extortion, which would have to be applied strictly for the purpose, "but" it is difficult to pay presidential duties. " Penalties may be higher if the charge is blamed for bribery.

The case is administered by the criminal justice department, for example, in a case involving illicit nomination of a tribunal. The first day has not been set yet. The National Farming Case is at the Supreme Court Session.

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