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Asteroids, Flowers, Letters … What is the word "Latvia" in 100 years?


Currently the name "Latvia" is born. and it is much older than the country.

Today, we can say that the word "Latvia" is eternal – in the last 100 years there are several things and places to honor Latvia's respect, dignity or love. It was a lot, not acknowledged by the head of the Latvian Institute for Promotion of Latvia.

Aiva Rozenberg

Director of the Latvian Institute

At first it looks great, and on the other hand, we think that Latvia is the same thing for Latvia. And, as the word says, it is very beautiful to use it in every corner and everything it can do.

The first novelty of the Latvian yellow basket became known as the breed of the national economy in the 18th century. The Latvian name, Latvia, was named as the independent leader of Latvia, was named Latvian letter "Latvia" on behalf of Latvia under the Latvian name 1930 and 1940. The widespread use of the Latvian word was in the years of adventure, then the Latvian "robbery" was created, and the pig breed "Latvian white", now a dangerous breed line.

The stamp "Latvia" was outstanding. In the Soviet Union, Riga began to produce Coach Supermarket Factory or RAF minivans, and two models – Latvia. They did not buy it individually, but they wanted to bring this letter to their home.

Representatives of "Rafin" saw at the Motor Museum in Riga. It refers to two generations of Rafu, but why the Latvian word for these models is not really studied, this is simply an explanation.

Juris Vanags

Riga Museum Museum Exposition Manager

If we have a parallel logic, then the Red Star factory has also produced the radio "Riga" in Kharkov, Ukraine, and the Latvian VEP radio station "Latvia". There is a widespread tendency for the designation of marked objects. This is Berkeley's time in Latvia, and Khrushchev has still given the title of "Latvia" when he started an anti-Semitic policy.

Most of these vehicles were manufactured and used for the needs of government agencies, hospitals, firefighters and police. But the so-called tourist version has many windows, a ceiling-roof, a comfortable cabin.

Since 1957 models RAF, including the word "Latvia", have been released for 40 years. So in the early 90's. However, Latvian name is given to several types of flowers, such as Dahlian breeds for "Latvian Red" and "Latvian Red" flowers. But in Latvia in 2015, Latvia has received a pink root called "Latvia" from the Netherlands. The red tulips of the Netherlands were honored with Latvia's chairmanship in the Council of the European Union (EU).

August Cilbert

Representative of the National Library of Latvia

It is symbolic that the Netherlands assumed the presidency in 2016, which has become a symbolic future of the future cooperation from the Netherlands to Riga.

The tulips in the library are no longer set. Now instead of tulips, "rain".

At the end of Latvia's presidency, Lucia was distributed to Latvia's various municipalities.

Latvia's name is in mysterious space – the asteroid becomes our day, which is called our country.

Ilgmārs Eglītis

Head of Honey Observatory

Larger size of 30 kilometers. Although it was opened in 1934 in 1933, it was named after him.

At present Germany has a small register of asteroids with the number 1284, and the name "Latvia" was presented by the German astronomer.

"As the Latvian astronomy is very active in the development of small planets, ascetoid is not only a method of calculating the orbit, but also different comets," said Eglyptis.

However, it is impossible to see the asteroid of "Latvia". The Balloon Observatory has the largest telescope in Latvia, although it can detect a 50 meter asteroid, while Latvia is about 450 million kilometers from the asteroid. This is a safe distance from our planet.

In the Small Planet Register you can find the location of the asteroid and view the specific website settings. Asteroid is located on the right side of the "Latvia" Skyfall, between the scorpion stars and the opossum. But to see Latvia, you have to approach the south, Ethiopia, or Egypt.

If so far stars are far from modern, thanks to modern technology, not only the word "Latvia", but also the entire country can be transmitted in London – the Latvian institute has created a few years ago to create a digital card, to travel around the world, to see the map of Latvia, to visit, or sharing in social networks.

A special program in your phone suggests that this card is left to the user. Currently, this Latvian map has already been developed in many countries around the world.

Aiva Rozenberg

Director of the Latvian Institute

So, emotionally, Latvia is here with you, no matter where you are in the world. Antarctica and the Arctic are almost only Latvia's landmarks, so Latvia has been honored for over a hundred years in honor of Latvia, a gift from our people all over the world and for residents of this city.

However, to date, the word has been given less in Latvia. The Latvian Institute expert admits that it is a permanent state. He is convinced that Latvia's pride has something in common, and that there are ideas that change the world and that they can not name the name of Latvia.

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