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At the light festival "Staro Riga" – Architecture – 10 architectural objects suitable for home


As in other years, this year, the facade of the National Library of Latvia and environmental lighting are expected to be particularly interesting.

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The cabinet is in the colors of Latvia

Awakening! In the lighting project of the Cabinet of Ministers, a well-known actor in Latvia was involved in giving a testimony to every citizen of Latvia – ourselves, his people, and his country. It has a unique, rhythmic light and musical interface that affects any viewer.

Esplanade "illumination"

The power tool encourages you to control how the sound turns into a light. Visitors to the festival will be the light of the day, and in these days the National Library of Latvia will glorify the light of slavery. Why you go Since Scandinavis has been a gift for Latvia for hundreds of years, Ezine has become part of nearly 100 energy projects.

During the year, each of them had the opportunity to sing Latvia's favorite songs and sing songs to Latvia. "Discount" is the ultimate opportunity to record your story in Latvia and transfer it to the Centenary. At the end of November, the digital music collected at will be presented to the National Library of Latvia, where our children and grandchildren can be found in the future.

Jahn Rozentāls on the Square "Jean Mirror"

Within the framework of the Staro Riga project, Iyaia will see artworks with light elements of Iliyas Patmalitsa on the Rosenstats Square.

This year, for the first time in the lightweight festival "Staro Riga-2018" LVK. Valdemar Str., 2A, to the Central Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. History of the Central Bank of Latvia The 3D project tells about the compatibility of situations, forces and events that enable the Latvian state and subsequently its financial system; what is the work of the Latvian Bank today and tomorrow? What is the relationship of the people's poet Rayin with gold and sometimes the so-called "Miles"?

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The Zirghu Street actually appears from one world or another – the expanded reality visible on smart devices with the SAN application. The road section, which runs from the livelier to the Duma Square, will become the future city with no limits to the imagination of architects and citizens. The building has a few kilometers distance, normal gravity rules do not work, and other newly created virtual worlds are parallel to the reality.

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The only public demonstration near the house of Simaada was the so-called "Viola Rīdzenieks" on the "Latvija cradle" lighting of the Republic of Latvia in Riga on November 18, 1918 "and became a symbol of the country's founding time.

Central Market Nightspark

The 88th birthday of the Central Market and the 100th Century visitors are offered by a label "Time Machine", featuring a large size Kaleidoscope with LED backlight provided with LED screen. Before entering, visitors can choose what stages of the Central History market they want.

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