Tuesday , August 16 2022

Betsafe / Jurmala is not the sixth winner; Loss of Tallinn's Valmierus


Betsafe / Jurmala team became the sixth winner of the regular Championship of Latvia-Estonia Basketball League on Wednesday.

Members of the Jury have lost a tenth of ten games, scoring with Jekabpils / SMScredit.lv 71:69 (17: 6, 21:16, 25:20, 16:19).

Oscars Hlebovickis scored 20 points in Betsafe / Jurmala and Ilya Gromov scored 15 points. Werner Kachs has 14 points in Jackpawl and 11 points for Raizer Germanovsky.

The victory of the Jurmala club in this match did not cause much doubt because in the first ten minutes the home team let only six points for the opponents, and in the first half ended the comfortable 16-point (38:22). In the second half of the year, Betsafe / Jurmala increased their number and won a great victory.

Another Latvian team, which plays 73:99 (21:22, 20:26, 19:23, 13:28) on Wednesday, went to TalTech at Valmiera Glass / Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences.

The most successful result of the Valmiera team was Janis Kaufmanis with 21 points and 13 points in Maris Ziadians. Gregory Arbet also lived in 19 clubs in Tallinn.

In the second half of the year, the Tallinn club won a victory. In the first 20 minutes Valmiera Glass / ViA was closed with a seven-point deficit (41:48). In the first minutes of the second half, the guests took care of the jam, and after the third result Caufman 52:52, then the initiative was transferred to the TalTech, which started in the last ten minutes with a 11-point knockout – 71:60.

In the fourth quarter, Valmiera did not win a fight to win, and Tallinn's club significantly increased his premiere.

With nine victories, the winner of the tournament was Tallinn's Kalev (Cramo) / Cramo, who scored nine goals in nine games, Ventspils scored nine goals, and eight victories with seven victories in the VEF Riga, and Ogre with seven in four in six successive tournaments Tallinn team "Kalev" / TLU and "TalTech".

In the ninth match five times sustained victories at Tartu University, winning eight victories in eight battles, and then Betsafe / Jurmala took the eighth place. Five matches in basketball in Parwan, consisting of Saddam, have been played in 11 games, with Avis Utilitas, Rapla winning the first ten in their four games in ten games. Valmiera Glass / Vidzeme University College has won three wins in ten matches, and 12 wins in two victories at the University of Latvia, with two victories – Liepaja. One successful in nine matches – basketball players Valka-Valka / Max & Morit, and all the costs of ten games will close the table Jekabpils / SMScredit.lv.

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