Tuesday , October 4 2022

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More than a month has passed since the elections in Saima, but the form of a new government is still unclear. Parliament's work is paralyzed, but Borden does not consider her to be safe for most of the Buran.

President Raymond Weonis chooses government work experience in favor of Boran. The President compared "the Harmony" to the CRP LV and JKP candidates nominated by multiple mandates.

"Of course, voters will have to respect the parties that have more seats in the parliament, with KPV LV and JKP having 16 seats in parliament, and when choosing between KPV LV and JKP, of course, I would like to thank the individual and, of course, professionalism and experience play a very important role, as Bordeaux is a member of the Cabinet, he knows how the ministry works and how the cabinet works, "he said.

Finally, after accepting the president, Bordeaux is convinced that any person can come to an agreement with an alternative plan or new red lines. The two weeks set by Vision and the chairpersons of the party will be the reason why the new parliament will not be able to work before the decision on who will chair it. The new government has begun to work and the state budget will not be accepted.

Despite the prime minister's competition, Boran's efforts have been supported by KPV LV. The National Association and "Development / For" negotiations have a more reserved status.

In the "Government Development Declaration / Development" Declaration, in particular, refused to discuss special ministers before the Cabinet agreed and did not.

At present, the "New Unit" offers one seat to the upcoming Cabinet, but believes the party has a gold card, and decided Friday at Friday's meeting to continue to demand two meetings.

"Because we do not see a minister working in the government, we have to have at least two ministers in order to avoid being able to take on political responsibility when we are absent," said Esen.

In the Border government, JKP wants to administer the Finance Ministry, but the other parties are not against it. Gats Eleittis or Krisanis Feldman works in this position. The party also requests the Interior Ministry's portfolio, which has been requested by Juta Strika or Jurassic Jasas. Members of the Coalition of Cooperation are concerned about these candidates.

"The ideas of the New Conservative Party, which is part of the security services consolidation, and various information about the interests of the new conservative party in this sector, are of concern to the National Union, we are not currently speaking in a form of declaration, but it is a concern that we, of course, I would like to, "said Raivis Dzintars.

The negotiation process was a good soil for different rumors. One of them, Strkęke, is a list of people who have been denied by the JKP in the domestic affairs and legal structures, believing that the work of several high-ranking officials in the party's view is ineffective.

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