Tuesday , May 24 2022

Electric motors as well as Uralsk Uralsk (+ PHOTO) – Elektrotransports.lv


The manufacturer of the Ural motorcycle does not want to lag behind the world's fashion and has developed a prototype of a motorcycle model developed by Zero Motorcycles and ICG.

The Ural-based CT model, based on electric motorcycles, was responsible for the development and development of the electronic components used by electric motors, batteries, and Zero Motocles, and the California ICG concept.

The Ural Z-Force, an environmentally-friendly motorcycle, is equipped with a 45-kilowatt power engine and a 19.5-kilowatt-hour battery, which is approximately 165 km run. The charging prototype protects the power supply and charges up to 95% for 13 hours.

Uralsk accelerates the speed of the motorcycle, but claims that it does not disclose the actual data. The maximum speed of the prototype is 140 km / h, but it is recommended by the manufacturer – 105 km / h.

The electric motorcycle in the Uralsk is estimated at the progressive motorcycle show in the USA, from 16 November to 18 November in Long Beach. The manufacturer emphasizes that the decision on series production takes into account the customer's potential responsibility and the company's interest in the new product.

It's worth noting that zero motorcycles represent four electric bikes, but the legendary Harley-Davidson introduced the first electric motorcycle.

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