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Like the role of Heroic motive, "The Sun in the Sky" tells about the work of actor Villard Dawkins, it is difficult for every actor to create an animated film. "The film is always interesting. When you speak of a role, you are a little more free than the stage. You will not see. On the other hand, responsibility is much higher, as the body can hear and see what the body and spectator are doing, "said the actor.

As seen in the film behind the scenes, the soundtrack is looking for sound characters and moods, sometimes even physical exercises, if the movie characters are in the movie.

The film was attended by more than fifty people, writing scenarios, painting, painting, moving and writing for four years. Sound recordings of the first actors began at the beginning of the movie, when actors talked about "black text", when animators were able to capture images and their movements, facial expressions and facial expressions to see how high the text of each picture was. After the character of all the characters, the actors saw the pictures and separated the actual text so that it was harmonized with the specific animation. Of course, sometimes the first voice record was so successful that it was not necessary to rewrite it – it was in the "Wagon of the Sun" in the presence of great evil, with Vila Dadzina's voice being a pirate of the wood on the screen, Wolf.

"The sun goes down to the sky," he tells us. The boys and daughters of the moon and the moon are beaten by the boys, and the parents invite a man to take the child out. Nabeshmenman is surrounded by a sword, and along with the girl and the bride, he is on the way to fight masks, lungs and fears and laziness. Assistants are provided with only three days: if the girl is not found at that time, she will lose her energy and become an ordinary girl. Ride and adventure, not only to be bold and attractive, but also to be helpful. The Latvian animation classic, Rose Stew, is based on folk sculptures, Juris Kaulis and the Young Orchestra struggling for violent incidents.

An animated film was shot in the studio "Locomotive", which was founded in 1995, one of the "most active and productive children's research". The studio publishes feature films, documentaries and animated films at prestigious world festivals. For the past four years, the studio films have received thirteen national cinematographic awards. The entire full-length animation film made by Signs Bauman's "Stones in My Pockets" film won three Great Cristap Awards in 2014 and was nominated for the Academy of American Academy of Film Academy Academy of Sciences.

With the support of the National Film Festival, the Latvian Films of Latvian film was included in the animated film "Sunrise in the sky".

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