Friday , October 7 2022

For the non-elected members of the Sejm, he collects about 10,000 signatures for the liquidation of compensation – Society and Politics


There were 8050 signatures on Wednesday evening, but now there are at least 10,000 signatures.

The author of the initiative is art critic Yanke Kukainen. It is too generous to pay three months' wages for un-elected members. In his opinion, such procedures are perceived as members of the electorate, which enjoys no other public sector privileges.

"Such an approach promotes social inequality and leads to discrimination against the rest of the society, which at the end of the labor market is unprotected from the labor market. The fact of failure to deny the election is a sign of losing credibility and no special rewards. the level of prosperity, and such compensation is not ethical ", – assured the cookie.

The purpose of the Initiative is to amend the law on reimbursement of officials and employees of state and local authorities, which eliminates the provision, which stipulates that Saima's deputy, with Saima's mandate, will receive one-time benefit for a three-month salary, if he is not elected to the next Saeima.

According to Cook, these changes will contribute to the reduction of membership fees and to social cohesion.

Similarly, "the state and statesmen are not part of the specially elected and protected group, but they are part of the Latvian society and all the laws are violated," says the author of the idea.

Earlier it was reported that the 13th Saima will pay 610 374 euros before paying taxes to non-elected member countries. It is planned to pay one-time allowance to 66 non-re-elected deputies in the new parliamentary term.

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