Tuesday , October 4 2022

Hanzas Perons Cultural and Entertainment Center – Architecture – House


According to the project proposed by Liepaja, the Ghanaian platform, which is a former warehouse of the Riga commodity station at the intersection of Pulkweiza, Brzeza and Hansas, is being reconstructed.

Rebuilding of the building includes preserving its historical image and restoration of the production character of the site, for example, road sections design.

PHOTO: Evia Trifanova / LETA

The project envisages the construction of the former station warehouse on the perimeter of the project, including a new roof structure. On the outer side of the glass in the south, south and south-west, there are two facades – sloping, with the western façade behind Pulkweiza Brieza, with shimmering shields, as well as solving the shadow and connecting railway infrastructure. Wooden and metal tent structures have been preserved as a decorative element, as well as lifting structures that can accommodate exhibition and exhibition equipment.

Ghana platform is designed to be a multifunctional cultural center with a 2800 square meter public space, including a large 1230 square meter concert hall, a concert hall for 1100 seats, or an art or exhibition gallery or as a corporate site.

The total cost of the reconstruction project of "Ghanaian platform" was about 11 million euros, including all infrastructure and engineering works.

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