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How does the first man reach Mars? – Entertainment


The red planet of the planet has a great potential. Perhaps, after the formation of minerals, the world can not survive. Mars is similar to Earth because of planetary processes, so scientists research a space organism and draw conclusions about someone else. Looking for answers to the question: What else do you need to get to the first man?

Mars is accessible to people through space-time technology: the journey lasts only 9 months when the journey starts at a time when two months are near each other.

But the Red Planet is cold and homeless, so its first mission requires robots that can produce raw materials anywhere; nanotechnologies allowing to build lightweight, durable construction materials for building city dome; genetically modified crops that can survive in severe climates and so on.

National Geographic has collected information on how far mankind is far from implementing the Arman-Mars Colony.

Mars will reach NASA's latest research mission in November

Various robots and all land vehicles have been exploring Mars for more than 40 years, and there is a park around the world and on the planet, allowing it to be scrutinized. The NASA's latest exploration mission for the Red Planet will be available in the second half of November. In addition, it is more complicated than before – only the new InSight probe came not only to Mars, but also to two small spacecraft called CubeSats. On October 3, one of the 36.6×24.3×11.8 cm devices detected a picture of Mars, one of which was 12.8 million kilometers. One of the tasks of the "small children" is to monitor the InSight shooting on Mars, scheduled for November 26. This probe explores the tectonic activity of the planet and the effects of meteorites.

In the long term, NASA will ship people to Mars by 2025 until 2030. True, US President Barack Obama is in 2016 Mars has announced the ultimate goal of NASA, after which Donald Trump is more important than conquering the Moon. In 2020, the new offshourist goes to Mars, his mission is to search for traces of ancient life and bring to the stones the ancient fossils.

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