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Igo celebrates his first 40 years in five concerts –


From 21 to 24 November, four concert concerts and a special night concert "Igo ilk 40" will be held at the "Dail" Music House. Igo's 40-year-old musician, Murtin Browns, Walto Putti, Janis Strauss, Aivars Germans, Janis Lutzeks, Uliya Marhileviks, Eva Kernivich and many others.

Performing the leading roles of "Liu" and "Remix" vocalists, "Lāčplēsis" and "The Lady of the Cathedral", he won the Grand Prix at the first international competition "Jurmala", composers Raimonds Pauls, Imants Kalniņš, Zigmārs Liepiņš, Aivars Germen and others has produced 14 musical albums in his personal career – this is only part of the first 40 years of the Igo. The performances of these musical accompaniment are heard and felt at every Igo concert.

"These four concerts and the fifth night concert are a great and important work that unites many musicians. Each concert will have other musicians. Only Ainars Zawakis will take part in all the concerts, but Marcus Gulbis will help at the first concert, "says Igo.

In each decade, Io gave a glimpse of the air, the earth, the water, and the breath.

The concert program "Fire" will be held on November 21. "Fire is in a pure sense. In the first decade, there was great emotion and grief. There are also great festivals in Jurmala and Rostock, "says Igo. In 2010, Igo invited composer Janis Strazdas to collaborate on the creation of music on firefighting. A few months later, the concert program "Uguns" sounded in the Latvian concert halls and "Fire" disc was recorded. These and other burning songs are Igo and J. Straz, guitarist Armans Alsnsis, pianist Juris Cristons, drummer A. Zawakis, guitarist Modric Laysans, Saxophonist Zintis Jarts, Laima Jansone cocleats, and additional business – Bizaķe and Žibinė. The sound and acoustic guitar will be focused on guitarists Avery Hermanis and Ēriks Upenieks.

On November 22, the concert program "Earth" will be held. "This was done in collaboration with the composer Vaftu Puchimi. Songs of this program are in the repertoire of choruses – "The Earth Day" and "Who are you". I also shared these songs with choirs and ensembles. This is another sound. Poems live, "says Igo. Guitarist Armis Alsnsiss, pianist Juris Cristons, drummer A.Zawakis, guitarist Moderz Laizens Igo and composer V. Puchis, as well as additional vocalist Bizaķe and Jibīne. By continuing the stage, composer Janis Lushens has been composing music with the musicians in the 80's and 90's. In the second part of the concert, we can remember the "gold repertoire" of the Igo.

On the 23rd of November the third concert will show the cycle "Water". "The Water Program is a collaboration with composer Martinez Brauns. My ideas, my words and Märtiņa mūzika. From this program, you have three songs, "You Hearts Ice", "Runflights" and "I Know" outside of this program. The concert program "Water" was created in 2015. At the concert guitarist Armans Alsnsiss with Io and M. Brown, pianist Juris Cristons, drummer A. Zawakis, guitarist Modis Laysans and additional vocals – Bizaķe and Žubīne appear on the stage. In addition, Igo plays with composer Uli Marhilevich. Emotions and creative energy describe collaboration between musicians.

The concert program "Inhaly" will be held on the last evening of November 24. "Inhalal" is a special concert – the ease of weather. This program has not been held since 2010. At the same time, the concert will have the slightest change in cultural impact. It will be easy. Cristopher Strait's video projection defines "Igo". The concert was attended by Igo, Iva Kerevvik, Biziaque, composer and pianist Janis Strauss, guitarist and contrabassist Aivar Megers, Dr. Zawakis takes part. The concert will be complemented by the best-featured video by K.Strecha. At the concert there are also tutorials on Igo essays, while the musical repertoire is dominated by mood compositions. "It's almost a meditative mood that allows the listener to move the world in another sense. Reflective songs with inner frame architecture. Your eye is focused on yourself, "says Igo.

At the end of the series of concerts, Io conducted a genuine creative event by rebuilding legendary music club "And so on" from 1992 to 1998 in Liepaja. "We try to create a club atmosphere in the Liepaja Club from 1992 to 1998".

When and when?

  • 21, 22, 23 November at 19.00 and 24 November in Riga, at 18.00 and 22.00 in "Dail" Music House
  • Tickets: In Ticket Paradise Tickets
  • Price: from 15 to 25 euros

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