Friday , January 21 2022

Illusion Mask: Ford can not overcome the following economic downturn


The founder of Tesla, the US manufacturer of electrical engineering, Illon Mask Ford predicted that the legendary car maker would not resist the coming economic crisis.

In an interview for Recode, Maska Tesla and Ford claimed that the carrier survived on the world economic trunk in 2009, and that Ford did not change the next recession.

Mask also said that it was very difficult to build a successful machine building company. In his opinion, "Tesla is still alive" after the economic crisis, which is a relatively new car manufacturer.

"It is difficult to make a car production successful, and many attempts have been made in this area, and in many cases there is a strong customer base, thousands of dealer centers, thousands of service centers and all money could not enter the factory, for example, General Motors and Chrysler were largely bankrupt after the recession, explained Maska.

In the Mask interview, the German group Daimler has estimated $ 50 million. It was found out that Tesla, a dollar investment of the 2009 Grand Prix, had been allowed to live on water. Recall that four years ago, Daimler had sold its stake in Tesla for $ 780 million.

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