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Increased appetite and fatigue may be symptoms of diabetes in children


The brush, called diabetes, is a very sharp and short needle - just four millimeters. Almost without sewing.

The brush, called diabetes, is a very sharp and short needle – just four millimeters. Almost without sewing.

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Endocrinologists at the Children's Clinical Hospital have found that Type 1 diabetes in Latvia is too late for children. This is due to a lack of information for parents and the public. 88.4% of children diagnosed with the disease are in the child's hospital where they are in serious condition or in diabetic ketoacidosis.

"In Latvia, 75-85 children are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes every year. If the symptoms are early detected, the child's care is much easier, psychologically injurious and often not repeated, "explains Endocrinologist Dr. Iveta Livit-Krisanne, diabetic ketoacidosis in developed countries in 50-55% cases.

Early symptoms of type 1 diabetes show in children with acute viral disease. "The child is tired, often falls asleep, usually goes to the toilet and loses weight. Parents often report symptoms of the effects of the virus and do not pay sufficient attention to them. However, these symptoms should be taken into account for the timely diagnosis and timely diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes. However, symptoms of diabetes can be based on full health. Parents need to be very careful to protect children from severe health problems, "explains Jesuit Crisan.

If the symptoms are not recognized early, the disease will result in diabetic ketoacidosis, which is expressed as a vomiting, abdominal pain, rapid and deep breathing, rapid heart rate, severe weakness, normal consciousness and coma. If any of these symptoms occur, call emergency medical care immediately.

Type 1 diabetes, overweight or inactive lifestyle.

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This can not be avoided and can not be cured completely. Disease treatment is based on the replacement of insulin under normal skin or insulin pump. Type 1 diabetes is a disorder of specific (autoimmune) immunity that can contribute to the development of diabetes in children with genetic predisposition (diabetes in the family), adverse environmental conditions, and some viral diseases that have genetic predisposition.

In Latvia, about 700 children aged under 18 and about 95,000 adults have diabetes mellitus. Of these, 650 children under the age of 18 have diabetes of type 1 diabetes.

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