Sunday , March 26 2023

Liverpool defender Shakiri will not fight against police in Serbia – Football –


Shakuri is ethnic Kosovo Albanians and the goal of the World Cup in Serbia this summer, when summer photography was shot by hand. The eagle eagle is a symbol of the national flag of Albania. Shakuri was born in Kosovo in Switzerland, and his family moved to 1992. Liverpool now claims that Shakuri will not take part in the upcoming match on Tuesday to "stop any incident."

"We've heard and read how Chuck is to be received, but we do not care about football, even though we do not know what to expect," said Liverpool's head coach Jungzs Clops. "We respect and avoid all conflicts, it understands and understands."

According to Cloppe, Liverpool "does not give political messages" and wants to "push away other things."

FIFA Shakiri, the so-called "political provocation," fined 10,000 Swiss francs (11,200 euros) for the incident. At the end of the twentieth century in the former Yugoslav republics, riots took place, repression against the people of Albania ended in 1999 with the intervention of the NATO forces.

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