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Mercedes leader predicts Ferrari victory at Brazil F1 – Motor sports – Sportacentrs.com


Ferrari riders Sebastian Fetels and Kimy Raikenen threatened the second qualifying tournament on Saturday and went on to the soft tire boots that could take part in the race today. Other leading athletes, including Lewis Hamilton and Walter Botsu, and Red Bull taxi driver Verstapin, start with a quick but quicker downhill super tire.

Although Ferrari replaced the tires, Fetels took the second place and Raykonen took the fourth place. Hamilton is known to start first, but Botas starts with the third. Verstapens, who won in the pre-season in Mexico, runs behind them.

"Ferrari has been at risk and has changed his tires when approaching the rain," says Toto Wolff, Commander's commander. "It's a good risk, they start with the most stable tires today, they do not have a privilege at the beginning, but from the first ten to the 15th they have a great advantage and we feel their love for victory."

Although Hamilton is already a champion, the Ferrari Design Cup, which is 55 points behind, will keep the theoretically victorious Mercedes.

"We did not accept this danger, because we did not equate it, but we can understand Ferrari because there is only one thing to do in the battle for the Constructive Cup – to do all and to take risks," Wolfe explains. "They did it and paid for it."

In the last two years, the Mercedes model has problems with overheating of the rear tires that the United States has overcome in Raikon, and in Mexico – Verstapen.

According to Pyrelli, during the race, if there is no rain, most stands will be held once. Starting with soft tires, up to 32 pitstops. -36. but when you start a very powerful wheel, you need about seven leaps faster. Synoptic forecasts predict the possibility of rain in Brazil's F1 stage. In addition, the air temperature was higher than Friday and Saturday, which is a concern for Mercedes's overloaded tires.

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