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Mother milk analyzer was installed in the hospital – Egoiste in Harmony


This is one of the most important tools for creating milk banks. The milk analyzer detects the composition of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates in the mother's milk. These help doctors already appreciate whether breastmilk is enough for the baby to eat enough and needs to be further strengthened.

Mentor's milk is the ideal diet in early stages of early infants, but in the absence of mother's milk, donor milk plays an important role. Therefore, in all parts of Europe, mothers have milk banks that can give milk to mothers of premature infants, who lack breastmilk. When the milk analyzer was placed at the Children's Clinical University Hospital, Latvia approached the creation of the first brewing milk banks.

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Minimum food requirements are the smallest

A child born prematurely needs more than just giving birth. Premature babies use more energy while growing, so they require a lot of protein. "For the development of the baby, it needs basic" bricks "- proteins and carbohydrates," explains Neonatologist Amanda Smildzze at the Children's Clinical Hospital, chairwoman of the Latvian Neonatologists Association, one of the initiators of Breast Milk Bank's idea. "Breastmilk is the best diet for any baby, but sometimes it is necessary to fortify the fairy tale of baby milk, so they get what they need and survive. Although each mother's milk is unique and diverse, even when mothers are similar to eating habits and lifestyles. The milk analyzer determines the milk content of a particular mammal, its energy value, and the amount of lipids, carbohydrates and proteins. These newborns can not absorb all their milk independently and are important in cases where part of nutrients can not be given to the vein. Thus, we can provide good nutrition for infants with low birth weight. «

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The child is dietary

Childbirth is always anxiety, but the arrival of the child to the world may be a particularly emotional experience for parents. Dr. Smildzere's employees and mothers also appreciate the possibility of getting a baby-based diet based on breast milk analysis. "Mammals try to ensure that their child is healthy and well-off, but the smallest is not always the mother's milk. My mother says that she is happy that milk can be tested and needed to be further strengthened. "

How to determine the composition of the world's most complex fluid?

Because the milk bottles in Latvia are only of the highest level, the milk analyzer makes the nutritional plan for the baby's mothers' milk composition and for each baby. In October, hospital staff at the Children's Clinical University prepared a medical workshop to work with a milk analyzer at a special workshop.

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