Thursday , August 18 2022

Mozart Concert. Piano JVLMA Ball / Date Displayed


With the support of the State Fund of Culture, Jazeps Vītols acquired a honeymoon in 1780 in cooperation with the Latvian Music Academy (JVLMA) in cooperation with the Riga ancient music center and the Riga Historical Theater and Music Society Stein The copy of the model, as well as the musicians of the ancient music, have received two classic clarinetas built by the Latvian Academy of Music. Rudolf Tyut.

The piano concert will include Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) and his ideas and spiritual master Johan Schottner (1735-1767), enjoying piano concerts, with the Baroque Orchestra Collegium Musicum in Riga Ernest Neumann, born in Latvia, a native of Latvia, and a new generation of harmonious Gertrude Jerome, completed his education Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, Switzerland. Motsart's piano concert with children's clown music artists Nr. 9 Mibemol Grand and Shobere piano concert №. 3 Ph.d. 11. Shober's music will be heard for the first time in Latvia.

Concert Mocarts Piano art director, conductor Maris Kupchs said: "It is important to be proud of the Latvian performers of such an event. The first of the new musical instruments for those who made early music research in JVLMA's Ancient Music section. "

The concert was attended by Ernest Neumann, Gertrude Zeroumenenko, singer Elina Shimkus, Clarence Dancer Janis Trentuks, crossword artist Kristin Styurur and Maya Kloryan, as well as Baroque Orchestra Collegium Musicum in Riga and conductor Maris Kupchs. Due to this event, the audience of Latvia did not have the opportunity to present the entire collection of classical music to the whole, constantly and constantly.

Rencada Mencendorff has still debuted at home, but they are not in the game, and according to the legend, in the 18th century, the rhythm composer Johann Gottfried Mutel (1728-1788) tells the local audiences of the instrument. You have played your music.

Free access to the concert.

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