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National Film Festival "Big Cristats" / article / LSM.LV

On Monday, October 12, the world film and cinematographers will be awarded the 23rd category of the National Cinema Award "Great Christopher". The best student film is also selected in a separate competition. For a lifetime contribution to the cinema, as well as a special jury and prize will become a tradition.

This year's theme of the Big Christopher is the sound of the cinema, and so is the first sound producer. Ģirts Bišs won the Grand Prix "Grand Cristap" for the best soundtrack of "Night Walk" and "Zagery", Andra Doršs became the best director for the film "Continuation".

This year, she received Abraham Klekkin and Mike Savic for her contribution to the life of the Big Savior in the cinema.

In addition, Abram Kletkin presented the National Cinema Award for the best debut film. This year, Guntis Bozar received the director's film "Adam and Dahlia".

In the next category – Valdis Celsius won the "Best" movie – the best documentary film. The best documentary film director was Ivar Selekkki, who chaired the "Continuation" jury.

In turn, the film "Lielais Kristap" received the film "The Best Bridge" for the best documentary film by Christine Bred and Audiisius Stonys.

Traditionally, Big Christopus light was awarded in the nomination "The Best Student Documentary". Martha Elina Martinson took part in the movie Viesturs Kairišs iznāc no meža.

The best makeup and costume designers were also awarded. Ayya ​​Bita Rzhabovskaya was recognized as a clothing artist in the documentary "Baltic tribes". The last Jew in Europe ", but the best costume designer – Lien Rolshtein, Homo Novus.

The Christina Nakz painter Christine Jurjani has won the "Best Christian" National Grand Prix as the best artist.

Andrey Rudzat won a prize in the nomination "Best opera" for his film "Father's Night".

Christine Wallow received a prize for the Merry Tour movie for the Friedres movie by the International Federation of Filmmakers. Gelve also received Diena, SestDiena and KDi magazines.

The best animated artist was Lizetree Whittier for the film "Night Walk", while "The Best Melodrama", but Vladimir Lenchov was the best animated film director in the International Jury Prize.

The film also won the National Prize for Best Short Films.

Westbahn Shimkus was one of the best composers of the Grand Prix at the Marble Breath ribbon.

Oscar Rülenhayts for the best script of the jury – "The best kristapti" for the film "Fund of Criminal Justice".

This year, the jury received a special prize for the unique handling skills of the archive material, which seeks the opportunity to display the past – for Christine Ghelvi's "Merry Tour" movie screenplay. Delphic special prize was sent to the founders of the Criminal Investigation Fund. In turn, Rigas Nami presented a special prize to the movie Homo novus.

The best actress in the second plan was Ilse Blaubert, whose "Father's Night" was the wife of Jana Lipa. In turn, "The Great Cryst" was the best actor in the second place for the roles of Andris Daugavas in the film "Fund of Criminal Justice."

Elita Kļaviņa became the best filmmaker for the role of the National Film Festival in Riga. Dub 1 «. For the best actor, the jury allowed Villi Dudzins to play Janis Nord in the movie "Foaming with her lips."

This year the jury, Lielā Kristapa, introduced Dāvis Sīmanis to the movie "Father's Night" for the best filmmaker this year.

In its "Lielais Kristaps" culmination, the best feature film was presented. This year Bill of Inara Colman has won.

The jubilee year of the Latvian Cinematographers' Union was conducive to the professionals who were born in Latvian, but included in the entire international film festival. This year's director of the Riga Film Festival, Sonora Brock, director Viesturs Kairis and film director Lindsay Big Chrystal are jury members: director Yuri Vivian (USA), Hollywood actress Rutan Alde (USA), film director Elina Reiter (Germany) Scrooge

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